The Toronto Star (Ca), April 16, 1995

He still keeps in touch with Keanu Reeves

Tabloid doesn't faze Carl Marotte

by Zorianna Kit

Twelve years ago, actor Carl Marotte did a photo session for a provocative poster advertising Wolfboy, a play he was doing with a then unknown 19-year-old Keanu Reeves. The play, written by Brad Fraser (Love And Human Remains, Poor Super Man), centred around the homosexual relationships of two juvenile delinquents in a reform school.

Little did the actors know the photos would be reprinted in the American tabloid Star, on June 28, 1994, for a story on Reeves headlined "Hollywood's hottest new hunk - as you've never seen him before."

Marotte, best known as hockey star Pierre Lambert in the TV series He Shoots. He Scores, and Beyond Reality with Shari Belafonte, remembers the Photo session.

"I had never done that (kind of thing) before, so I was a little self-conscious," says Marotte, who was 24 years old at the time. "I was a bit weirded out, but then I said, 'What the hell, just do it.'"

When he saw the tabloid article, Marotte thought it was "neat, fun and cool," but felt bad for Reeves because of all the recent rumors questioning the star's sexuality.

"I've heard the rumors. It's his life, his business. He can do whatever he wants."

Marotte got to know Keanu quite well during Wolfboy.

"He was a good guy. We had a good time together. We used to fence, we cycled all over the city. He used to play hockey with me."

The two still keep in touch. They spoke last summer when Reeves was in town shooting Johnny Mnemonic.

"He called, and it was like, 'How's (Marotte's wife) Brenda? How are the kids?' We didn't talk about (the latest rumor concerning his relationship with producer) David Geffen or anything like that. It was mostly about acting. He is, and always was, committed and dedicated to his work. He takes it very seriously. He talked about going to the library and watching videos of Laurence Olivier. He's really immersed in his work."

Marotte says two weeks after the Star printed those photos, they surfaced in the Quebec press, where He Shoots, He Scores had a large following.

"They didn't give a s--- about Keanu. It was more like, 'The Secret Life Of Carl Marotte' and 'Is He Gay?' and 'His Poor Wife.'"

Meanwhile, Marotte gets to don his hockey skates once again, this time as hockey player Marty Pavlich in the movie Net Worth, now shooting in T.O. The TV flick is based on the real life story of the unsuccessful attempt by NHL players to start a union back in the 1950s.

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