Star Tribune (US), April 18, 1995

Keanu takes time, composes a rhyme; fan fails a test, invite she messed

by Cheryl Johnson

There once was a hunk named Keanu . . . who was writing a limerick last week at Murray's when Teresa Needham approached. "He was sitting there writing this limerick in a little book, and while he was writing it, he was singing it out loud to himself," said Needham, an office manager at Midwest Cedar Shake Supply in Maple Plain.

"The guts that I have . . . I went up and introduced myself," she said. "It was quite thrilling. He stood up, acknowledged me and shook my hand and said his name was Keanu, and I said I know!"

Touching Keanu Reeves brought on a brain cramp that erased the assignment that she'd been given by members of her party of five: Go ask Keanu to come dancing with us at Tropix. "At that point, I kind of lost what I was going to say to him," she said. "It was just really exciting."

But Needham noticed the pertinent food facts, "He had the butter knife steak and potato in the lounge, and I guess they made an exception for him because they don't normally serve dinner in the lounge," said Needham, "but he wanted to watch a basketball game."

Reeves told Needham he was composing a rhyme for a Murray's waitress [identified by restaurant co-owner Jill Murray as Katie O'Brien] who had merely requested an autograph for a chum.

"He said, Well, I'll do better than that. I'll write a limerick. And that's what he did," said Needham.



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