Star Tribune (US), April 27, 1995


by Cheryl Johnson

Word is there's a poignant moment in "Keanu Reeves: An MTV Movie Special" when he chokes up and avoids answering a question about his late bud River Phoenix, who died of a drug overdose in 1993. The rest of the time, Keanu Reeves remained in denial about his star status. In the metro while shooting "Feeling Minnesota," Reeves taped the MTV interview last weekend at Moving Pictures, a local production house.

Although he has become this huge heartthrob, Reeves is squarely in the camp that gives his appeal a big DUH? Asked what it's like to be a big star, he replied simply, I'm not. Gosh, why would anyone want to know all this stuff?

Chris Connelly, show host and exec ed at Premiere mag, did the interview. I don't feel I'm that important, Reeves said. Why are you doing this interview? "He's an extremely down-to-earth person." said Joe Brandmeier, owner of Moving Pictures. "I think he was extremely uncomfortable and as he fidgeted in front of the camera, back and forth, my job as a field producer/director of photography, trying to cover this guy going back and forth, was a little tricky." The special is scheduled to air May 23.


Feeling Minnesota

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