People (US), May 8, 1995

The 50 Most Beautiful People: Keanu Reeves

BACK DURING HIS HIGH SCHOOL DAYS IN Toronto, Keanu Reeves was "almost gangly -- tall and thin, with long hair over his eyes," recalls John O'Flaherty, his former hockey coach. "He was always smiling, but I don't remember him ever being neat." So who said neatness counts? With a current asking price of $7 million per picture, the ethereal, brown-eyed actor, 30, can call his own fashion shots, which include leather jackets, lopped-off hair and Timberlands sans socks. In this summer's A Walk in the Clouds, he has his first fully grown-up role, as a soldier in love with a Mexican aristocrat played by newcomer Aitana Sanchez-Gijon. It's a far cry from bubblehead Ted in Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey -- and so is Reeves, who showed up on that set in combat boots and a skirt. "It wasn't done for effect," insists the film's cowriter Chris Matheson. "He'd shrug and say, 'It's comfortable.' " For last year's Speed, Reeves not only chucked the skirt -- he altered his musculature. "I didn't want to be cut," he said, "but I wanted to have somewhat of a beefy aspect to my chest and arms." Nice, perhaps, but irrelevant. "Keanu has James Dean charisma, that troubled youth/pent-up sexuality quality," says Toronto photographer David Hlynsky, who knew Reeves as a teenager. "He's a beautiful man in an androgynous way." Make that any which way at all.



A Walk in the Clouds , Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey , Speed

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