USA Today (US), May 24, 1995

Keanu Reeves' straight talk

Speed star Keanu Reeves will be on the cover of gay magazine Out's July issue, which focuses on heterosexual folk. He'll "set the record straight" on his sexuality, says mag publicist Michael Kaminer, noting Reeves responds to questions as a straight man.

Writer Tim Allis, also a staffer at In Style magazine, says he asked Reeves about reported connections with gay entertainment mogul David Geffen, because Reeves has been the target of "one of those unbelievable, oversized rumors that even made it to Kansas." Geffen has said he's never met Reeves. Reeves is on record as saying the same. Like many celebs, Reeves has been the target of speculation; in April, he told the National Enquirer it wasn't true he dated a male dancer in Winnipeg, where he appeared in Hamlet.

Reeves talked to Allis recently from the Minnesota set of his new movie, Feeling Minnesota. "He comes across as a straight guy with a very open mind," says Allis, adding, "given the fact the rumor is around, it shows a certain kind of courage to talk to a gay magazine."

Reeves, 30, has a romantic movie, A Walk in the Clouds, due this summer. He also has bent genders onscreen, co-starring with the late River Phoenix in My Own Private Idaho, about hustlers who slept with men and women.

Asked about appealing to both sexes, Reeves said last year, "You mean most actors don't?" Speed co-star Sandra Bullock has said, "Anytime we'd be anywhere, you'd see salivating men and women. . . . He has lots of girlfriends, but he's very private about his life."

Reeves' Johnny Mnemonic opens Friday. It begins with him bare-chested in bed, then it's all downhill, because this is a comic-book-level movie that'll embarrass Reeves later. You wonder what he was thinking of to take on this piece of junk with a grade-school script. A Walk in the Clouds better be miles above this.

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