Girlfriend (Aus), May 1995

The complete Keanu special

The ever cool Keanu

Meet the hottest celluloid god, ever.

by Justine Oates

At first glance this babe seems to have it all. Sultry good looks, the buff body of a surfer, a multi-million dollar career and a string of eager girls just waiting for him to suggest a time and place.
But there's more to this reluctant sex symbol than meets the eye. Away from Hollywood's spotlights Keanu is a loner - a man bent on discovering something with more substance than the glitz that goes along with being a mega-star.

quirky and confusing
It's this thirst for knowledge that attracts Keanu to obscure films such as Johnny Mnemonic, due out later this year. In the cyberpunk thriller, Keanu is a messenger who has a disease cure implanted in his head.
"I play Johnny who's a 21st century information courier," Keanu says of his latest action role. "He's had his childhood wiped from his memory so that he can store other data there. He's like a yuppie gone berserk but I like him. He's got a good heart - like most of the characters I play."

the sexiest man alive
Keanu has a reputation for playing small parts in big projects and large parts in odd, unconventional films. He's also known for having a somewhat puzzling private life.
The 30-year-old mega-hunk has been romantically linked with just about every actress he's ever played a scene with - Point Break's Lori Petty claims he is the world's best kisser! The latest goss to hit the grapevine is that Kee's involved with Australian model Joanna Clealand. Lucky girl!
But don't go trying to pry the truth out of him. Keanu's pet hate is being quizzed about his love life. He starts to fidget and moan, and the buff one's body language is all but saying, "if you don't want me to walk away right now - back off." Keanu's problem with the interest in his private life may stem from the fact that he can't actually believe women all over the world find him totally divine.
"I've become a sex symbol, have I? You know in my daily life I have no real contact with all of that. Sometimes I have the trappings of success, but my own life hasn't changed much," he admits frankly. "You know, I spend a lot of time working," Keanu says. "When you get a certain amount of success in films people think you have this glamorous lifestyle, girlfriends everywhere. It 'ain't so. The truth is, you don't get much of a private life. I've gotta have responsibility for my career so I'll stay home and read scripts."

there's more to life...
When he's not doing the film star bit, Keanu hangs with friends (certainly not all famous he assures us) or a good book, it's not unusual to catch Keanu shooting baskets at Fairfax High School in Hollywood, or cruising Sunset Boulevard on his cherished vintage motorcycle - a 850cc Norton. Playing bass guitar in his band Dog Star is another way Keanu likes to let off steam.
"Yeah! We're getting a lot more of a following - mostly girls," he says. "We used to practice in my garage until the neighbours complained about the noise. It's foot-stomping stuff but not too heavy." And, of course record companies are falling over each other to sign the band - not because they're good, but with Keanu in the band - what better reason is there?
But it looks like this babe is going to be too busy to play bass this year. He's just finished filming a romance called A Walk In The Clouds and has been treading the boards in Canada in a small stage production of Hamlet. (Fans from as far away as Japan spent thousands just to see him fluff his lines!!) And the hottest property in Hollywood is signed to do Feeling Minnesota with star of The Mask and former US Elite model, Cameron Diaz. It doesn't get much better than that.



Johnny Mnemonic , Point Break , A Walk in the Clouds , Feeling Minnesota

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