The Mirror (UK), June 3, 1995


by Joe Roberts


MOVIE heart-throb Keanu Reeves is out to tell the world "I'm NOT gay." The 30-year-old star is sick of rumours that he prefers men and that he wed gay record executive David Geffen in a secret ceremony. Now he has declared: "I love women more than any guy I know. I don't understand why I'm the target of these vicious reports. When I think about it, my blood boils." Keanu, star of Speed and Point Break, denied he had even met Geffen in a frank interview with the US gay magazine, Out. Billionaire Geffen backed him up, and said: "I've never laid eyes on him either." Out interviewer Tim Allis said: "Keanu has been the target of one of those unbelievable, oversized rumours. He comes across as a straight guy." Questions were first asked about Reeves' sex life when he played a raunchy gay role in the play Wolfboy at the age of 18. The rumours were fuelled by his role as a hustler who sleeps with men and women in the film, My Private Idaho, co-starring River Phoenix. In one scene, Phoenix kisses him. Last month, Reeves was angered by a Canadian magazine which said he was having an affair with a male dancer in Winnipeg where he was starring in a stage production of Hamlet.

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Fake Geffen Marriage and Related, The


Fake Geffen Marriage and Related, The , Speed , Point Break , Wolfboy , My Own Private Idaho , Hamlet

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