The Daily Record (UK), June 3, 1995

Not a gay day for Keanu

Movie heart-throb Keanu Reeves has launched a campaign to tell the world he's NOT gay.

The star of the hit movie Speed claims he's sick of hearing rumours about his alleged homosexuality.

And in a bizarre move, he has decided to put paid to the rumours - in an interview with a GAY magazine.

Reeves blasts gossip about his preference for men and angrily denies a famous rumour that he "married" well-known gay record executive David Geffen in a secret ceremony.

The actor claims he's never met Geffen and Geffen backs him up.

Reeves is also enraged by claims he is having an affair with a male dancer in Winnipeg.

"I'm not gay and there is no ballet dancer," Reeves fumed. "I love women more than any guy I know.

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Fake Geffen Marriage and Related, The


Fake Geffen Marriage and Related, The , Speed

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