Southern Voice (US), July 20, 1995


by Don Johnston

{I'm deleting the first third of the article, because it rehashes the "rumor" and quotes from OUT Magazine, which we've already covered.}

For those who somehow hope that Reeves is gay, his band manager suggests heading over to the Variety Playhouse on July 21 to check out his band, Dogstar, and decide for yourself.

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Because the band is touring, Reeves was unavailable to comment about his decision to directly address the rumors. However, the band's manager, Amanda Fouraker, did field questions over the phone from her office in Los Angeles.

"You're actually the first person to ask that sort of thing," Fouraker said of the Geffen rumors. For people who doubt Reeves' veracity, she suggested people see for themselves. "Even if he was that way inclined, big deal," she said, adding, "but he's not, and I can totally vouch for that one," joking about all the women in Keanu's life.

But Fouraker wanted to talk about the band more than about Reeves. Her greatest obstacle as a manager has been trying to keep the focus off Reeves and on Dogstar. Most of her time now has been spent juggling offers from record labels who have expressed interest. "We've got a lot of offers coming through, but I don't want to jump at anything at all. Some people are trying to sight it just because Keanu's in it."

But Reeves isn't the band's only famous actor. Dogstar's co-founder, Rob Mailhouse, was a soap star on "Days of Our Lives." The idea for the band started because both actors are hockey fans. Reeves met Mailhouse at a Mayfair Supermarket in early 1990 when he inquired about the hockey jersey Mailhouse was wearing. Although they didn't actually form a band until a year later, Reeves, an avid bass player, and Mailhouse, then a keyboardist, wanted to hook up with a few musicians to "make noise with."

In 1992, the duo hooked up with Gregg Miller, yet another actor, to form BFS, which later became Dogstar. The three-piece, four-chord, post-punk '80s sounding band toured along the West Coast with great success for about two years before adding Bret Domrose, a former member of the San Francisco punk legend The Nuns.

Having solidified its sound, the band began touring in late June with six dates in Japan. Now Dogstar has returned stateside for a full tour of both the East and West Coasts. After appearing in Tampa on July 19 and Orlando July 20, the tour's bus will stop in Atlanta July 21 and then head to Myrtle Beach, S.C. July 22.

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