Atlanta Journal-Constitution (US), July 21, 1995

Facts and details to ponder in case you can't see Dogstar

Who cares if they're any good? A thousand Keanu Reeves fans can't be wrong.

The actor's band, Dogstar, performs tonight at Variety Playhouse, and though a packed house is expected, the venue's Steve Harris doesn't anticipate a riot. If fans, with or without tickets, get out of line, he threatens, "We're going to have blowups of their moms to show 'em." Scalpers pose a bigger threat, says promoter Ted Mankin of Cellar Door. "They're a nasty inevitability. We do our best to make them not bother ticket-buying patrons. They'll end up on that hill across the street and it'll unfortunately be the parents who pay," he says.

Dogstar has been in the studio making demonstration recordings but has yet to sign with a major record label. "We're fielding offers," says Dogstar drummer and co- founder Rob Mailhouse.

Next stops on the group's 30-city tour are Myrtle Beach, S.C.; Baltimore; Washington, D.C.; New York; and Philadelphia. There are no plans to officially document the tour on video.

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