Atlanta Journal-Constitution (US), July 22, 1995

Keanu Reeves: It's not the music that causes the Dogstar audience to: scream

by Elizabeth Lenhard

A full two hours before movie star Keanu Reeves emerged - like a sheepish god with bad posture - onto the Variety Playhouse stage Friday night, 12-year-old Emily Fogle was already weak with joy. In her trembling hands she nervously twisted her new Dogstar (that would be the official name of Keanu's Band) T-shirt. And then her friend Kelsey Smith said what everyone was thinking: "I'll take his gum if he's chewing any!"

A few in the predominantly female audience claimed to be interested in Dogstar's tunes, though. Since the poppy, post-punk, Greenday-ish quartet has no album, nobody had heard them. But most of the women - a surprising number of whom were well into their post-zit years - owned up to the truth. They were totally in lust.

"He's in his own world. He's nice, but in a sincere way," explained 21-year-old Christie Brockhage, a Buckhead resident, who was later seen begging the band manager for a backstage pass.

Becky Lerner, a 22-year-old printer, said she spent hundreds of dollars to fly in from Los Angeles for the show.

Not everyone was wooed by Reeves' stubbled smile, however. Before the show, 25-year-old Jan Morris (dragged there by her friend Elizabeth Harold) called Dogstar a vanity project. "He's just trying too hard. I'm beyond skeptical," she railed. "This whole concept of a band is pathetic."

In a surprising departure from the sullen I-just-want-to-be-a-bass-player stance of previous stops on Dogstar's 30-city tour, Reeves rewarded his fans with a few adorable antics.

He talked several times, saying things like "Thank you" and "This is a song called 'Ride.' " He reached over a string of bouncers to shake hands with a cluster of screaming women. He got real sweaty. And - in a move that surely caused a few teenagers to blow out their vocal cords - Reeves jumped in the air, smiled and lifted his faded T-shirt to coyly flash a nipple.

Before the show, guitarist Gregg Miller - who was able to stroll through the lobby unmauled - had insisted that none of this was the reason for the sold-out show.

Pshaw. During most of the band's set, the throng in the mosh pit barely moved. No dancing, no finger-snapping - only wide-eyed stares toward stage right, where Reeves occasionally thumped out a passable solo.

No one seemed to care about the music, only the movie star. And during the pauses between the songs, the shrieks rang out strong.

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GuestI was there! (2014-05-30 02:50:27)
 I love the hilarious tone of this report. Just want to add that my teenaged self was there, stage right, front row, getting mauled by other screaming girls but holding my own with my elbow. True story: when Keanu reached over to touch a few hands, the crowd of girls surged in front of me and I got left out. When he turned to go back to his spot, I screamed NO so loudly that he actually came back just to get my hand. It was a euphoric teenaged moment and pretty cool haha @laaleen #storytotellmykids
Anakin McFly
(2014-06-03 12:24:37)

:D Thanks for sharing!

I do actually like some of their music, though. They've got high replay value, while most songs in general - even those far better - tend to get old after a while.

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