People (US), July 29, 1995


Keanu Reeve's band rocks the country

by Lorraine Goods

Dogstar, the "folk thrash" band led by movie star Keanu Reeves, likes to play their music loud. Not to be outdone, the legions of girls who have helped sell out venues across the country during the group's current tour, like to scream even louder. Although the 30-year-old actor-turned-rocker spends most of his time onstage concentrating on his bass guitar, when he does look up or pause to wipe the sweat off his forehead, the shrieks coming from the mostly female crowd can be near-deafening. One of the few males in attendance at the band's show Wednesday night in New York told PEOPLE Online, "Every time they weren't playing girls would be screaming for Keanu. It seemed like it could get a little annoying."

The 24-year-old, who was too embarrassed to give his name, says, "It was actaully better than I expected. I went because my girlfriend is in love with Keanu Reeves. It was mostly women. But I figured out it would be the best place to go if you wanted to pick up girls because they all want him. Then when they realize they can't get him they have to take their pick out of the four other guys that are there."

Nancy Corral, 22, a doctoral candidate in psychology at New York University and an unabashed Keanu fan, says, "Keanu sung a song which was pretty bad because he didn't know how to use the microphone. He didn't realize that you actually have to talk into it to make it work."

At one point, Corral says, "He gave a couple of girls his [guitar] picks, and some girl threw a bra during the final song. It was hanging off his arm and he couldn't get it off while he was playing."

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