BB (US), ~ July 1995

Just call him crash up Keanu

Danger is his middle name and he likes it that way.

Okay so danger isn't really Keanu Reeves middle name. (It's Charles). But nevertheless "Keanu" and "danger" go well together. For his movie roles, Keanu has leapt from a plane (Point Break), clung to the underside of a out of control bus (Speed) and dodged bad guys out for his head (Johnny Mnemonic). But his love of risk doesn't end when the cameras stop rolling. In real life Keanu seems to go out of his way to get a good adrenaline rush making him one of the rising stars not afraid to crash.

For starters that was really Keanu clinging to the bus in "Speed". "Yeah! I jumped out of a moving Jaguar into the bus," Keanu raved to Seventeen. "It was cool, my adrenaline was really pumping. I was under the bus, which was going about 30 mph. Remember the part where I dismantle the bomb? Well it's really me under the bus. It's sort of weird to have a bus on top of your face, but it's really safe. The stunt guys make sure you don't get hurt."

Away from the watchful eyes of film, stunt crews, though, Keanu is on his own---let's just say that checkers isn't his sport of choice. Aside from surfing, which can be pretty dangerous, Keanu loves Hockey, which he has described as "a thrilling game, lots of drama lots of physical contact."

At least in Hockey the players (usually) don't want to hurt one another. Hockey may be a brutal sport, but it's a sport----with rules and nearby referees to enforce them.

When Keanu rides his motorcycle, his constant safety net is luck, which he seems to enjoy pushing. "I've gotten many tickets," he has said of his motorcycle riding and once admitted to embarking a nighttime cruise on his bike----with the headlight off. Then there are places he'll go on his motorcycle. During the Los Angeles Riots in Spring 1992, Keanu took to the streets to watch looters rob stores. Ignoring police warning to stay off the unsafe streets after dark, "I rode my bike around the first night," Keanu recounted to Movieline. "I saw some major shopping going on, 100% discount shopping."

Keanu didn't limit himself to that first riot ride. "The second night, I had to pick up a friend around 12:30 at night and the air was electrified. It felt lawless. Like a western town where no one wore their badges on the outside. Guns everywhere."

Why does Keanu tempt fate? He has never exactly said, but the answer might be as simple as his recent observation that he loves "investigating life"

Okay fine but is this a phase? Will danger ever seem dull? It's doubtful. That day was never more clear in the late 1980's, when Keanu's luck almost ran out.

"The car was making a left," he says of his near-death experience which yes involved his motorcycle. "I jumped from the motorcycle just before the guy hit me. I did a somersault in the air and landed on the sidewalk on my back."

The guy in the car was positive his victim had gone on his last ride, but Keanu leapt to his feet. Despite a hospital visit and scars on his stomach and left knee, Keanu insists that he was "totally laughing" at the accident. His prevailing thought immediately after the crash that was fun.


Point Break , Speed , Johnny Mnemonic

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