Boston Herald (US), August 2, 1995

Keanu homes in on Hub comic

by Gayle Fee & Laura Raposa

Hollywood hunk and Vanity Fair coverboy Keanu Reeves did nothing to dispel his homeless-person image during a Speed(y) two-day tour of Boston this week.

The "A Walk In The Clouds" star, who has been living out of a suitcase and moving around as his Hollywood schedule demands, arrived in town with a passel of pals, very little baggage and no hotel reservations.

So where do you suppose the Little Buddha bedded down? At the digs of his new best friend, John David, of course.

And didn't it seem just the least bit odd that Keanu (Kee-nu to his pals) knew the Boston comedian for only a few hours before he crashed in his Waltham pad?

"We just hit it off," John told the Track. (We should be so lucky!)

Anyway, John and Keanu's Excellent Adventure began at Mama Kin Monday night during Black Number Nine's weekly jam, which David hosts.

"Hardly anyone was in the club, so we hung out, drank beers and talked about rock 'n' roll," said the funnyman.

Keanu, who was in Boston for his alternative band Dogstar's show at the Paradise last night, never made a move toward the Mama Kin stage, although a couple of his bandmates jammed with the Nines.

All the better for the gaggle of giggling gals who were trying to make a move on the scruffy hunk.

Well, it's not often you get a chance to bat your eyelashes at a real live Hollywood heartthrob in your own Private Idaho!

Anyway, after Mama Kin, Keanu and John dined in style at the sausage carts on Lansdowne Street and shot a few racks of pool at nearby Jillian's. Which could have left Keanu Feeling Minnesota more than Massachusetts.

The Dogstar boys blew out of Boston last night for their next gig in Connecticut.

No word on where Johnny Mnemonic will stay down there. But we're sure it will be just as memorable.

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