Atlanta Journal-Constitution (US), August 6, 1995

Letters: Quit dogging Keanu and his band

by Teri Drake, Nicholson, Ga

I was extremely dissatisfied with your review of Dogstar's concert ["Keanu Reeves: It's not the music that causes the Dogstar audience to scream," Metro section, Saturday, July 22].

Keanu Reeves is merely an actor. He's not perfect (but close to it as an actor). So what if he's a "sheepish god with bad posture" ? I found that comment very rude. I would be a little sheepish too if hundreds of girls thought I was "a cute movie star" and only came to say they saw me, and didn't care about my music. . . .

I certainly cannot argue that Dogstar was the "perfect band." In fact, they are far from it. . . .

You make it sound as if everyone expected to hear the next Green Day. Well, Keanu never boasted or advertised himself. . . . Dogstar never said it was the greatest band on Earth. So it's a little prejudiced to expect Keanu to be a great bass player just because he's a great actor.

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