CNN (US), August 11, 1995

Keanu walking on air in 'Clouds'

by Sherri Sylvester

NAPA VALLEY, CA (CNN) -- The time is post-World War II, the place is California's wine country. Napa Valley is transformed into the mystical setting for "A Walk In the Clouds." It is Keanu Reeves' first film romance. And back on location among the vineyards, the actor talks about movie love then and now.

Reeves says, "The romantic relationships in most mainstream films are very crude. There's no sensuality. They have nothing to do with life, they're a portrayal of who can do it to who and when and how and it's all about the animalistic aspect. There's no sensuality, none of the higher aspects. And this film, I think, introduces that with many different relationships."

In "A Walk In the Clouds", the most passionate relationship comes from the most unlikely lovers. Reeves befriends a pregnant and unwed stranger, played by Aitanna Sanchez-Gijon. He poses as her husband to help her save face with her family.

The actor says work is his primary passion--a love that has gotten him backhanded by a few film reviewers. Other reporters have questioned his sexuality, focusing on his lack of a public love life.

His career has careened from one film type to another, from "Speed"'s action, to "Little Budha"'s spirituality, to "Johnny Mnemonic"'s cyber-thrills.

Reeves says, "With me it's two steps forward and one step back. Or is it one step forward and two steps back? I can't dance."

Wherever Reeves' feet may take him, "A Walk In the Clouds" may be a step in the right direction.

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