New Weekly (Aus), September 11, 1995

Keanu - cute but crazy

While his millions mount up he lives like he's poor

by Lucy Broadbent

It's 11 am as Keanu Reeves throws water on his face and faded denim jeans and a T-shirt over his lanky frame. He races down the stairs, still unshaven, shattering the serenity of the grandiose Hollywood hotel, Chateau Marmont.

He offers a casual "good morning" to the receptionist, whom he clearly knows well. He rings a buzzer to order waiter service. He's missed breakfast again because his band played late last night.

Welcome to a week in Keanu's wacky life. He's Tinseltown's most eccentric celebrity. As most actors spend millions carving out a superstar lifestyle with mansions and cars, Keanu lives a crazy life with one suitcase of belongings - and he doesn't even have a mailing address.

His distinctive 1970 Norton motorcycle - the only luxury he allows himself apart from his beloved vintage Bordeaux wine - is often seen tearing along the Sunset Strip with its carefree owner leaning over its shiny handlebars in his red helmet.

Reeves soon begins filming Feeling Minnesota and then he'll start on Drop Dead for which he'll get more than $7 million. He's already amassed a fortune but buying his own home is not on his agenda.

Hollywood's hottest sex symbol prefers to be homeless, leading a bohemian life on the road, living in hotels and carting his possessions with him.

"I'm not a homebody type of guy," says 30-year-old Keanu, who has been touring 25 cities in the US for three months with his band, Dogstar.

"I live in hotels where my work takes me," he says. "Besides, I don't like concerning myself with painting a house or mowing the lawn."

This afternoon he'll speed down to his agent's office in Beverly Hills to pick up scripts that have been offered him. Then he'll stop at a favourite cafe to read them.

At his current home, Chateau Marmont the hotel where John Belushi died from a drug overdose in 1982 - Keanu spends half an hour a day in naked meditation, a process he believes gives him energy. He learnt to meditate while filming Little Buddha in Nepal, and has been doing it ever since.

On his way in and out of his temporary hotel residence, Keanu is often stopped by staff who don't believe that such a grungy-looking young man could be staying there. But good-natured Keanu doesn't take offence.

In his suitcase, which he totes everywhere, he carries only the basic necessities - three pairs of undies, two T-shirts (one black, one white, of course), several odd socks, one suit, a sports jacket and a pair of shoes. If he needs extra clothes for a photo shoot, he borrows them!

When he's not staying at the hotel, or on tour, Keanu heads to his sister Kim's home in the suburbs.

And though Keanu's love-life has been hotly debated, he has a reputation as a being a shy guy who leads a monastic existence.

And despite earning big bucks, there's one thing he knows about life: "It's not about money," he says firmly.



Feeling Minnesota , Chain Reaction , Little Buddha


(2009-10-16 14:17:32)
 Naked meditation? Oh the visual you get from reading that sentence. :)
Hmmm.... (2009-10-17 00:07:29)
 Somehow I can't imagine him saying in an interview that he meditates naked, so I wonder where the New Weekly journo got that from. I can't recall reading it before. :-/
True (2009-10-17 00:19:56)
 It sounds a bit out of character.
(2009-10-17 00:45:40)
 ... it's called 'editing' ;)
(2009-10-17 02:22:03)
 Yeah, 'editing' is the nice way to put it. Or one could just call a spade a spade, and say that it is a combined case of inventive imagination and journalistic sensationalism.
(2009-10-17 07:33:34)

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