People (US), September 12, 1995

Skunk Or Hunk?

Lorraine Goods

Pee-eww! That's what WFLZ-FM deejay M.J. Kelli in Tampa had to say after Keanu Reeves paid a visit to his morning radio program recently. "Great guy, nice guy," Kelli told the New York Post, "but he smelled like he hadn't showered in a month. His b.o. was so bad."

But Reeves isn't the only cinematic heartthrob who's easy on the eyes but hard on the nostrils. Last spring, reports began leaking from ex-girlfriends and former female co-stars that Brad "The Sexiest Man Alive" Pitt was also among the hygienically challenged. According to a London tabloid, the laid-back star gets so tired of being fussed over by makeup and wardrobe people on shoots that off-camera he often goes for days without changing his clothes. But Pitt may be turning over a new leaf. The actor reportedly went on a shopping spree in February soon after Newsweek featured him prominently on its "You're going out in that!" cover. Included in the purchases were nearly $1,000 worth of Calvin Klein underwear.

But not to worry, Brad and Keanu. You're in good company. Others rumored to be among the rich and odorous: Goldie Hawn, who was characterized by ex-movie producer Julia Philips as "borderline dirty" and Ron Woods, whom Philips said "stinks up" his surroundings. And Kirk Douglas remarked after his one and only date with Joan Crawford that the famous neat freak had "bad breath." But hey, there's no such thing as bad publicity, right?



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