Seventeen (US), September 1995

Lights! Camera! Passion!

Celebs rate their costars' kisses

Debra Messing on kissing Keanu Reeves in A Walk in the Clouds: "It was really awful. Keanu played hockey the night before our big kissing scene, and he had gotten high-sticked. He ended up getting six stiches on his lips. So when it came to the kissing scene, Keanu just looked at me with dread, puckered up and said, "Please don't hurt me.'"

Sandra Bullock on kissing Keanu in Speed: "Oh, it was really fabulous. Wonderful. When we were doing it, I didn't realize how long the kiss actually was. Now I put the movie in my VCR and I can't believe that last necking scene. Isn't it great? I just loved the way Keanu looks at me while he's kissing me! I yell to my girlfriends, 'That's the look! Right there! Why don't the guys we meet look at us like this?' It is pure meltdown.


A Walk in the Clouds , Speed

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