Cambio16 (Spain), October 2, 1995


(Translated from Spanish)


by J.A.

It may be because he's shy, but Keanu Reeves is not a man of many words. In responding, he frequently prefers a smile, a gesture and a yes or no. In spite of that, one inevitably takes a liking to someone like this actor with exotic origens and brilliant career, who awakens the passions of adolescents around the world and who doesn't take hardly anything seriously, even the news of his supposed wedding to producer and multimillionaire David Geffen.

Q: Does the sweet and chivalrous character you play in "A Walk in the Clouds" have anything to do with the real Keanu Reeves?

A: No. I've made films where I've played very, very different roles, but I think that I've never made one even remotely like myself, nor am I really interested in doing that. It's only that some roles are easier for me to put myself into.

Q: You had tremendous success with the film "Speed," where you are completely an action hero. Here, you are changing category completely. Is it difficult to maintain that kind of independence against the movie studios?

A: Yes. They wanted to continue with the Speed line, but I'm very stubborn. I fought hard to get my own way. In general, what they want is for me to be "the kid," the "good guy," who the public will identify with immediately, and now I intend to do something else.

Q: Aitana Sanchez-Gijon, your companion in "A Walk in the Clouds," has defined you as an "anti-star," someone who is completely normal. Would you agree with that portrait?

A: I hope I'm not too normal, but it's true that I don't consider myself a star. I have my feet on the ground.

Q: Did Aitana seem different from the North American actresses you've worked with before?

A: No. At the start I asked her how many films she'd made, and she told me 20, which really got my attention. I think she & I have very similar approaches to the work of acting, basically classical.

Q: Isn't there a certain contradiction between being a "shy" person and working as an actor?

A: No, because acting is making everybody else believe you are another distinct person, so it doesn't matter who you really are.

Q: Here in San Sebastian your appearance has been accompanied by the shouting of hundreds of girls. Does that please you?

A: It's amusing, a lot of energy. It's hard to believe they can yell that much... In a way I don't take it personally. It's as if they're admiring a symbol, an image of what they see in the theater, not a flesh and blood person.

Q: Where do you think the news item about your wedding with producer David Geffen came from?

A: I haven't the least idea. I only know it spread like fire. But, well, I think I'm prepared now and I expect they'll be saying even worse things about me.


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