Kansas City Star (US), October 21, 1995

Stargazing - Oooooo, Keanu!

(also published in November 1995 as a longer version under the title 'Keanu Reeves kissing club')

by Dru Sefton, based on wire reports

For all you Keanu Reeves fans out there, here's a rundown of what various leading ladies thought about his kissing talents:

Sandra Bullock in "Speed": "Keanu's so sure of himself, but I was back there spraying Binaca and hoping that I wouldn't offend him."

Ione Skye in "River's Edge": "He was pretty scruffy ... but he had a sexy smell."

Aitana Sanchez-Gijon in "A Walk in the Clouds'': "Kissing scenes are pretty complicated, but we tried to enjoy them."

Lori Petty in "Point Break'': "He's a very good kisser. ... He's definitely blessed."


Speed , River's Edge , A Walk in the Clouds , Point Break

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