Star Club (Fr), November 15, 1995

Keanu Reeves: "Facing the rumours, I don't have to justify myself..."

(Translated from French by Elodie, translation edited by Anakin McFly)

by Jean-Christophe Fédérici

After the spring with Brad Pitt, a summer with Johnny Depp, here is the autumn with Keanu Reeves. This season he triumphs with "Johnny Mnemonic" (in theaters November 21st) and "A Walk In The Clouds" (released December 20th). It was the dreamed opportunity to meet him: He talked with us about his career and the rumours surrounding him.


"I've stated never to talk about my private life. I don't want to have to explain myself with regard to what I'm doing, or who I do it with outside my job. No, I'm not gay, and facing the rumours I don't have to justify myself."


"The press announced I was married to a man, the billionare producer David Geffen. I'd heard this news when I was in Winnipeg, Canada, during Hamlet rehearsals. There was a message from a friend, Claire, on my answering machine. She said: 'I've just heard you're married, congratulations!' I never met David Geffen, it's a lie!"


"Recently, someone asked me when I made love with a girl for the last time. It's crazy! Journalists are looking for what will sell their ducks. But I understand: they flatter the beast side of all human beings."


"I succeeded in living with my sex-symbol image. There are worse things in a man's life. But from there finding myself in the top 5 sexiest actors, makes me laugh. It's another world for me, the one of the magazines. It only exists on newsagent displays."


"I love girls. And I specially love being with a girl in the desert when the sun sets. Big spaces make me happy! Unfortunately, I have no more chances anymore in love. The biggest sacrifice I made, becoming an actor, is losing all my chances in love."


"I'm in full transition between a boy and a man. I'm not yet able to be a father of 8 children, but I refuse to be the eternal student retching on the college benches or the 16 year old virgin looking to lose his virginity."


"I don't do this job to become a millionare. All I want is to play. What do I do with my money? I'm buying Millesime Bordeaux. I would like to go to Bordeaux but I have no time. Instead of going to Gironde, I pay a lot for Bordeaux imported to the USA. In L.A., I have my own supplier."


"With a band of friends, we created a rock band Dogstar. Last year, we participated at the hard rock festival of Milwaukee... a catastrophe! We recieved bottles on our heads, but we laughed a lot all the same!"


"Johnny Mnemonic is a futuristic thriller where I play a modern courier who lends his brain to store data. He's chased by pledge killers, paid by the drugstore society, who want to steal the information he carries. Mixing suspense and high end technology, this movie shows a reflection of the future."

"Johnny Mnemonic asks questions about our society and the pressure we all undergo in our lives. What technology wins, is humanity losing it? We must be careful not to cut ourselves from who we are, what we really need. This time it is about speed and information, often a prejudice to humanity and freedom."


"In A Walk in the Clouds, I play a soldier who comes back from the 2nd World War and falls in love with a Spanish vineyard daughter. The shooting in Napa Valley was magnificent. I liked working with Alfonso Arau, the director. Aitana Sanchez-Gijon is a sublime actress."

"About girls, I have no type in particular. I must be attracted, intrigued. Aitana might be that kind of girl. All went very very well between us during the shooting."


During the opening of the Hard Rock Café in Myrtle Beach (South Carolina), Keanu gave an exceptional concert with his band Dogstar. Unfortunately, he doesn't intend to indulge his musical exploits at this moment, or treating us over here with a tour... His next movie will be "Feeling Minnesota," in which he plays a man who fights over the same girl as his brother. After this, he will be starring in "Dead Drop" as an FBI agent pursued by the government. The "sexy boy" should come back to theatres, after being on Broadway, recently playing Hamlet in Canada. And be sure not to forget, the "Speed 2" project could start any day!



Johnny Mnemonic picture:
Run to see Keanu Reeves' latest movie "Johnny Mnemonic," if you dream of suspense and adventures in the new world of cyberspace...

Picture in black and white:
"Finding myself in the top 5 sexiest actors makes me laugh."


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