The Mirror (UK), November 16, 1995


KEANU Reeves has little time for anything outside the movie he is making at the time.

He has a reputation for immersing himself in his work, and this was no exception.

"I would look at photographs of men who had served in the Second World War, and try to imagine how they felt," he says.

He met a Marine who had fought in the Pacific, and grilled him for details of his experiences.

"He told me he didn't take his socks off for three months," Keanu says.

"He was always hot and wet. There was fungus and dysentery and disease and hunger.

"I went away and tried to lay those same feelings on myself.

"The director, Alfonso Arau, and I concocted a situation where I had lost a buddy, so I'd have that in my psyche.

"I wanted to create a man who had come back desperately lonely, and had seen death which caused him to appreciate life."

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A Walk in the Clouds


A Walk in the Clouds

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