People (US), November 17, 1995

Crocodile Keanu

by Dylan Jones

Actor's band, Dogstar, has it's day Down Under

Keanu Reeves put distance between himself and unkind critics this week, speeding through territories Down Under to play a supporting gig for the Bon Jovi tour. The actor's band, Dogstar, which recently signed with the BMG label, opened for Bon Jovi at Aukland, New Zealand, and Melbourne, Australia. Friday and Saturday, the trio which also features "Days of Our Lives" actor Robert Mailhouse unleashes its grungy sound on Brisbane and Sydney, respectively.

The tour, which triggered a flood of phone calls from panting adolescents at PMK's New York office, is a prelude to the band's debut album, expected this spring. Getting Reeves, the bassist, into the studio may prove difficult, though. "It's not easy," acknowledges band manager Amanda Fouraker. "(Keanu) doesn't have much time, to be honest. This is going to be a quick thing." Reeves will have to wrap up post-production in double-time, before shooting "Dead Drop" for 20th Century Fox in June, according to publicists at PMK.

Frankly, we're transfixed by the strange symmetry of these tour mates. Reeves is an actor nudging into the world of music, while rocker Jon Bon Jovi recently made his acting debut in "Moonlight and Valentino," as a housepainter. We expect Keanu may impart at least this much wisdom: Don't touch a script that bills itself as "Johnny Pneumonic II!"

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