The Sydney Morning Herald (Aus), November 17, 1995

The Keanu shuffle

by Katherine Tulich

IF his name wasn't Keanu Reeves, the other two members of Dogstar would have probably sacked their bass player by now. At Saturday's Melbourne gig supporting Bon Jovi and Jimmy Barnes (the triple bill hits Sydney tomorrow), Reeves's playing was inconsistent at best.

"I admit it's pretty nerve-racking for me to go on stage, but I'm getting more confident the more we play," he says. Leaving the focus to lead singer/guitarist Bret Domrose and drummer/vocalist Robert Mailhouse, Reeves shuffled coyly on the side of the stage, didn't sing, barely talked, hid most of his face under a black beanie and had his eyes on his scruffy black Doc Martens through most of Dogstar's 30-minute set of thrash grunge.

Of course, his questionable musical talents don't deter screaming hordes of Reeves devotees. "I know they're coming to see me because of my cinema work, but if that brings an audience in to hear the music and gives the band a shot then I'm grateful."

It was only a few months ago that Reeves claimed "the band sucks". But now he's sincere about his musical career. "I said that more as a disclaimer," he now says. "We've been working really hard, practicing for hours every day so I think we're pretty good now."

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