Woman's Weekly (UK), November 20, 1995

Keanu's wild child love

by Kate Russell

Can Hollywood's most private man handle Britain's wildest woman?

Keanu Reeves is planning to break the habit of a lifetime and go public about his love affair with blonde British wild child Amanda De Cadenet. In the past Keanu has shrouded his private life in secrecy, but friends say he's so crazy about Amanda that he can't stay silent any longer.

"They've kept their relationship quiet so far but it looks as if they're ready to go public," says one.

Shortly before he flew to New Zealand, to perform with his band Dogstar, superstar Keanu (30) was spotted enjoying an intimate motorbike ride with Amanda. The pair then sat right out in the open at a Beverly Hills pavement café and shared a drink or two.

"Keanu's just mad about her - he has to be, to be seen out with her, because he's such a private guy," says a friend.

The first public glimpse of Hollywood's hottest new couple came some weeks ago at the premiere of a new play, Four Dogs And A Bone, Amanda was snapped at the wheel of her Mercedes as she drove Keanu away from curious photographers who'd only ever seen him out in the past with his sister.

Friends reveal that this was hardly a first date - the couple have been meeting secretly ever since Amanda split from her husband, Duran Duran heart-throb John Taylor, early this year.

Keanu - who was interviewed by Mai FM's Robbie Rakete and Paul Holmes while in Auckland - has certainly earned his reputation for discretion. He shuns the limelight and no longer reads any articles written about him. "I get too angry at being misrepresented, misquoted, manipulated, being put on a pedestal and then knocked down."

He also tends to keep a low profile in Hollywood. "I hate being the centre of attention and I loathe my private life being discussed in public," he insists.

"I've never been part of the party scene - I don't have enough personality. And I really hate the idea of being recognized everywhere I go."

The same can hardly be said of notorious Amanda who's famous for packing more living into her 23 years than most people manage in 70.

At 12 she dyed her hair blonde. At 13 she smoked dope. At 14 she became a fixture on the London party scene. At 15 she was taken into care by the local council. At 17 she posed for Playboy, met John and became a TV presenter on the cult youth show The Word. At 19 she became pregnant and decided to marry John. At 20 she moved to Los Angeles in search of movie stardom.

In the three years since then, she's concentrated on bringing up her daughter Atlanta and finding small parts in several film - the latest being a role in Four Rooms, directed by Quentin Tarantino. Her antics have including posing for photographs totally naked from the waist down. "It's all about being in control of your sexuality," she pouts.

Before her marriage break-up, Amanda was romantically linked to a series of stars, including Jack Nicholson, Liam Neeson and Ashly Hamilton.

"I fall in love so easily," she says, "Once in a while I get carried away - I get irresponsible.

"I have lots of eligible men friends and, for me, intimacy isn't difficult."

But Keanu, it seems, is special.

"I can go over and see Keanu and talk to him about the most truthful and honest things about myself," she admits, "I don't have to hide anything."

The one thing that's certain is that, for the moment, neither she nor Keanu is interested in marriage.

"My parents split up when I was young and I've seen nothing to recommend marriage," says Keanu firmly, "I expect to be single for quite a while yet."

As for Amanda, she's decided she needs some time to grow up alone.

"I have my own life to follow, my own path," she insists. "I just really want to work."

But neither of them is worried that the vast differences in their personalities will make a long-term relationship impossible. "Opposites do attract," says Amanda firmly.



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