The Daily Telegraph-Mirror (Aus), November 20, 1995

Bon Jovi, Jimmy Barnes and Dogstar play at Eastern Creek on Saturday.

Mr Cool didn't miss a beat

While Jon Bon Jovi has copped flak about his prickly attitude to autograph-seeking fans, the other exotically named star in town, Keanu Reeves, has lived up to his name - Mr Cool.

Those involved in the Bon Jovi and Dogstar (Reeves' band) concert report Jon has been predictably star-like but Keanu has been a delight.

Reeves, a bass-playing movie star, had his gig at Eastern Creek washed out at the weekend, but he still turned up looking very Bill and Ted in his beanie and goofy smile.

The Hollywood star is so laid back he prefers life on the road, travelling from hotel to hotel between projects, with only a guitar, suitcase and his Harley motorbike.

There was talk recently he had shacked up with record mogul David Geffen but Reeves denies he even knows him.

And if he's a party boy, Reeves hasn't been playing too hard in Sydney, preferring to stay in and order room service. But those who missed him got a chance to see Keanu in action last night at a free gig at the Hordern. Hey, cool.

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