Girlfriend (Aus), November 1995

His royal Reeves-ness

Keanu's back and bigger than ever. With two new films about to hit the silver screen, the Keaster is one happy babe. We spoke to the gorgeous one and got all the goss.

by Chris Carbury

How romantic are you?
Romance is part of me. A lot of what I do seems to be romantic - for example, I like to give people gifts. I don't just mean flowers. If a friend has bought a new house, I bring round a housewarming gift. I think I'm good at doing that kind of thing.

Describe yourself in one word.
I'm boring. Very boring. No, really, I am.

What do you think of A Walk in the Clouds?
It was very sensual and sexy and the script really appealed to me.

In the movie, the girl doesn't see eye-to-eye with her father. Are you still estranged from your own father?
Very much so. Otherwise, I'm fairly close to my family [apparently, Keanu counts his sister Kim as his best friend]. I wouldn't say we're as traditionally close as the Aragon family in the film. What I love in the film is the way it shows how relationships within the family struggle or harmonise as they do in real life.

Does it hurt that you're not close to your father?
[Keanu takes a deep breath] I don't know if it hurts any more, but it did in the past and now I just can't forget that.

As a child did you feel rejection?
Yeah, of course I did. The rejection has fuelled the need for me to be accepted, accepted on a wider scale. To do something with my life so that I can feel proud of myself and not feel like a rejected and forgotten child.

Do you talk to your father at all now?
No, I haven't heard from him since I was 15. It's part of my life that's very complex and unresolved. There are a lot of issues and some that are very painful. Perhaps still too painful.

Your character Paul Sutton is a very honourable guy - are you similar to him?
I don't know. A good actor can make you believe anything. He can make someone seem like a saint. But I'm not always a good man, I'm only human! I can also be a rat! Everybody has their dark side.

But we don't often hear about your dark side.
I know. That's what makes me so boring. It's not that I work all the time and that makes me boring. I'm boring in my spare time, too! That's why people make things up about me, I'm sure. [Laughs] They're, like, "God, we've got to give this guy a life! If only in print."

You can laugh about it, but can it make you angry?
No. Well, not until it's so intrusive or insulting or in really bad taste, then it gets to the stage where I can't ignore it.

Why do stars like Hugh Grant pay for sex, but you never do anything like that?
As I said, I lead a boring life. I don't do anything. That's why people manufacture stories about me. It's also to do with the kind of person you are and whether or not you get off on that kind of thing.

Is it true that you live in hotels?
Yeah, especially when I'm working. Now I just need a suitcase with my stuff in it. That's all I've been using. I think I now want to get an apartment.

Are you a loner?
Yes, I'm a loner. I like to be alone. But I also like to be with people. When I'm in the right mood.

What are your best qualities?
My manners, thanks to my Mum. But manners are not much. So, I really don't have much to go on.

Do you like to watch yourself on screen?
When I'm good, because then I don't really see myself. I just see the character. When I'm bad, I just see myself and that's painful to watch. They say that you learn from your mistakes but I don't think it helps me to improve when I see myself acting [Laughs].

You have said that you're boring. What do you do for fun?
I visit prostitutes [Laughs]. No, I play music, I read. I spend time with my friends.

Who were your teenage screen idols?
I don't know anybody who really influenced my acting or my style, if there is a style. But I loved English actors - like Peter O'Toole. He's really the actor I looked forward to seeing when I was young.

You have a mixed background.
Yes, I do. I'm half English, a quarter Hawaiian and a quarter Chinese. From my English mother, I inherited good manners [Laughs]. And from the Hawaiian side, I guess I have my earth aspect which makes me very well-grounded. If you look at Hawaiians, they have these very broad feet, big toes and big thumbs.

So you have big feet?
[Keanu lifts up a foot to reveal a huge hiking boot]. Yeah, they're pretty big! And that's why I'm well-grounded. That's the earthy aspect of me.


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