Voici (Fr), December 11 - 17, 1995

For some time now, we see Keanu with a different conquest...

Keanu Reeves - What is he trying to prove?

(Translated from French)

by Louis de la Hamaide

The 'Speed' hero has put a turbo in his love life. Is he trying to muddle his tracks?

If sexual ambiguity was as easy to grow as tomatoes, he would be the biggest gardener in Hollywood! He was born 31 years ago from an English/German mother and a Chinese/Hawaiian father, Keanu ('small breeze from the mountains' in Polynesian) enjoys muddling his tracks. He has been known to be linked with Sharon Stone, Paula Abdul and Sofia Coppola. These rumours were denied, one year ago, by the surprising announcement of his marriage to a Californian record producer. This news item was shyly denied, stating only: 'I do not wish to give too many details about myself. I am not homosexual, but you never know...'

In hibernation during the last few months, Keanu has just woken up to the new rumour that he is a compulsive seducer. The Speed hero goes from one conquest to the next. The series started last August with actress Aitana Sanchez Gijon.

He straddles his motorcycle to get away from journalists.

The list continues with Amanda de Cadenet, the wife of John Taylor - from the Duran Duran group. Then, there is photographer Nicole Thompson and, since early November, comedienne Jackie Swanson. There is also gossip among his close friends that he may have also had a romance with his gym teacher!

By making himself over in this womanizing man, handsome "Quiniou" is adopting a very strange demeanour. On top of this, he refuses to make any statement, prefering instead to straddle one of his two Nortons, his 70's British motorcycles, to better escape journalists' questions. The Keanu Reeves mystery is therefore still intact.


A man who loves women... it's Keanu's new real life role!"

--Head of the List: Last August in Los Angeles, Keanu opened the ball with actress Aitana Sanchez Gijon.

--"Johnny Mnemonic", a futuristic thriller. In his latest movie, Keanu plays a man whose brain is being used to stock information. A pharmaceutical consortium tracks him down to get back the information.

--On October 23, Keanu left the premiere of his movie "Four Dogs and a Bone" with Amanda de Cadenet, the English wife of John Taylor, of the group Duran Duran.

--Motorcycle joy rides in Beverly Hills. The effervescent Amanda de Cadenet, who is also a fan of old Nortons, will have only shared Keanu's life for about 10 days under the California sun.

--For a month now, the young actress Jackie Swanson and Keanu are inseparable. She goes with him when he plays with his rock group.


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