Star Magazine (US), December 26, 1995

Just days after fleeing rehab

Anna Nicole Smith in wacky new romance with Speed hunk Keanu

by Dave LaFontaine

Buxom Anna Nicole Smith bolted out of the Betty Ford Clinic in the middle of her detox treatment - and fell right into the arms of Speed hero Keanu Reeves.

The 27-year-old model checked herself into rehab following a terrifying drug overdose in Los Angeles which doctors feared might leave her slightly brain-damaged.

Smith fled the clinic Dec. 7 in a white stretch limo, already carefully made up and wearing an expensive dress. She wasn't due to graduate from Betty Ford until Dec. 24.

The next day she showed up at a party thrown by Jim Belushi in Bungalow One of the Hotel Chateau Marmont - the Hollywood hangout where his brother, comedian John Belushi, died of a drug overdose in March, 1982.

"Anna met Keanu at the bash for an artist pal of Jim's," says all eyewitness.

"Keanu was there because he lives in the hotel. He dropped in just as the party was getting a little out of hand.

"Some models decided to take off their clothes, and they were chasing each other around and jumping into the pool.

"Keanu was wandering around enjoying the scenery when he bumped into Anna. She was all over him in a second, saying 'Oh I just loved you in that movie Speed. It was so exiting. I had to cover my eyes when the bus raced over the jump.

"'You looked so handsome and tough as the hero. Are you going to do a sequel?'

"Keanu was instantly smitten. For all her problems, Anna is one of the most beautiful women on the Planet, and when she dresses up, she is really impressive. She's 6-ft, tall with huge boobs, and when she wants to look sexy, she can really turn the heat up on anyone.

"So he said, 'Thanks. I really liked your posters. You looked as good as in person.'

"And that was all it took, She started cuddling up to him and turning on that little Southern-girl charm, and before you knew it, they had snuck off together.

"The next afternoon they reappeared at the party, which was still raging. It had gone on all night and into the day until the hotel got mad at all the noise and commotion and kicked everybody out," says the partygoer.

The former Playboy model was hospitalized at St. Joseph Medical Center in Burbank, on Nov. 6 after swallowing a dangerous dose of the powerful painkiller Vicodin washed down with kamikazes - highly potent vodka based cocktails.

She was released Nov. 12, and was taken by limousine ambulance to the Palm Springs clinic a couple of days later.

She was in such bad shape when she was detoxing that the staff at Betty Ford had to push her around in a wheelchair. She was shaking so badly with withdrawal symptoms that she couldn't even walk.

But insiders say that she quickly got back on her feet and started demanding to be treated like a princess. She also had little interest in participating in group therapy, they say.

"Anna couldn't stand to be like every else," an insider says.

"She wanted to be special,. Anna couldn't accept that there was no maid around to fix up her room after her, pick up her clothes and bring her gourmet meals whenever she lifted a finger."

"But now, her friends are hoping that Anna's new romance will help her kick her destructive habits and tone down her party-girl lifestyle.

According to a friend, Reeves had been dating a young, Beverly Hills girl whom he met while playing with his band Dog Star - but he dumped her without a backward glance when he met Anna.

"They have got to be one of Hollywood's oddest couple ever," says the pal.


Speed , Speed 2 , Dogstar

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