BB (US), December 1995

If Johnny [Depp] needs any advice on how to approach the role of the Melancholy Dane, he may want to chat with Keanu Reeves. As you probably recall, Keanu played Hamlet onstage last February in Toronto (sic). Though these days he's up to less intellectual stuff with the filming of the new action-thriller Dead Drop, Hamlet was surely a high point in Keanu's career as a thespian. Why else would he feel compelled to snatch a souvenir from the prop department? "I kept my sword," he admitted. What's more, Keanu actually lugged his weapon of choice around with him from town to town during a 25-city summer tour with his band Dogstar. "Finally, I put the sword in a box and stored it at my sister's house," he said. "Getting the thing through airports was more than I could take."

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Hamlet , Chain Reaction , Dogstar

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