Canoe (Ca), 1995

Reeves rockin' down under

Rock band Bon Jovi has hired Keanu Reeves' Dogstar as a special opening act for its tour of Australia. Reeves is Dogstar's bass player.

"It is good for them as they are so excited about the idea of being on the road and being in a rock band," Variety quotes Jon Bon Jovi as saying.

While Reeves is trying his hand at rock touring, Jon Bon Jovi is acting up a storm.

Bon Jovi, the actor, is getting generally good reviews for his performance in Moonlight And Valentino and is planning to make another film in January. Called The Leading Man, it is described as an erotic thriller.

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Saw them in Brisbane... (2014-03-19 06:45:02)
 opening for Bon Jovi and they did great. But damn the last 20 years just went so fast!
thanks for sharing (2014-03-20 03:39:24)
Guestthanks for this site (2017-09-21 23:39:56)

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