Cambio16 (Spain), January 1996

It's Hard For Me To Be Faithful To Just One Woman

(Translated from Spanish)

The ultimate movie sex symbol wants to be a major player. And from there go on to fight to make the world a better place

by Steven Robinson

[This interview has been translated from Spanish back to English, so don't expect any actual quotes here!! -Roxy]

He's one of the ultimate male sex symbols of the movies. His mixture of Chinese-Hawaiian -- from his father -- and English ancestry -- from his mother -- makes Keanu Reeves a bit exotic, but his presence in the film world can no longer be denied. Speed, Johnny Mnemonic and Little Buddha now form a part of his professional vita. But perhaps in Spain he is better known for his part, along with Aitana Sanchez-Gijon, in A Walk in the Clouds. But Reeves is a modest man who does not brag about his successes. "I see myself as less than a mouse, compared with others. But, more man than many that boast about how macho they are and then deflate like a ball on first sight."

Steven Robinson: Your shyness, is this a way to distance yourself from others?

Keanu Reeves: Not shy at all. I know who I am and where I'm going. I don't distance myself, I just try to express what I feel. I've never gone beyond what I think I can handle and if I've sinned, it's been on the side of caution.

SR: You've lived in Sydney, New York and Toronto. It was in the latter that you got your start in television...

KR: As a child I dreamed of being a policeman, but through a friend I found another path: that of being an actor, and I don't regret having pursued it.

SR: Why an actor?

KR: Because I want to help make this a better world. I always wanted to be somebody, to give people a message of hope.

SR: Given the films you've acted in, so commercial in nature, it doesn't seem that you've succeeded much in communicating any profound messages. Would you agree?

KR: As an actor I'm just starting, consolidating my position. Someday I'll have the privilege that comes with power to choose the films that I want to act in. Films of importance, I hope. There are people who criticize my work, sure that I'm just out to make money with them. But if that's what I wanted, I'm a lucky actor. They give me other opportunities so I can finish my growth and make a name for myself. On the other hand, if my films fail, who will hire me again? This is an industry that pursues profits and when they produce failures, the business shuts down and a lot of people end up on the street.

SR: It's said that you intend to become some kind of movie mogul. What the English equivalent would be... movie mogul in Hollywood.

KR: I want to be successful, to be one of those actors who are where they get a chance at all the important productions. I'm happy to be one of those actors they come to with offers of work. I have to take advantage of my current position and strengthen my value. Sometimes I feel like merchandise, but it doesn't traumatize me, it's a part of the work that I've freely chosen to do.

SR: Would you like to become the champion of some noble cause like other famous people?

KR: I lack the force to make myself heard. Sometimes I say things I feel but these days I have to watch myself to avoid reprisals. In this profession they're quick to cut your head off, especially young people who have their own ideas and can cause conflict.

SR: If someone tells you that you're causing conflict, what do you say?

KR: I don't like to get involved in quarrels and in my work I just do what they tell me... How do I feel about conflict? I'd rather they accuse me of being a loud mouth than of being a troublemaker. There are people who say that I'm "difficult" and others that I'm "easy." Who's right? I'm easy for those who think they're superior to me and difficult for those who can't handle their own inferiority complexes.

SR: Another popular topic is your love life, through which many women have passed. What do they see in you?

KR: Sincerity, passion and understanding. I'm open about things from the first moment. I tell them I'm still not ready for marriage, that it's hard for me to be faithful to only one woman. I let them know what I have to give physically and emotionally. I listen to them. I don't think they've got any reason to complain.

SR: What do you like most in a woman?

KR: Apart from physical appearance, personality. There've been some that were obsessed with marriage.

SR: Do you have something against marriage?

KR: No opinion. Someone could twist my words.

SR: Many people consider you the modern Casanova of current cinema.

KR: That's a reputation that doesn't coincide with the truth. Besides, I don't like to talk about my private life.

1/4 page picture of Ke in blue & white plaid shirt, buttons pulled tight over his Dogbelly, major beard & longish grubby hair.


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