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Some actors work from the heart, some work from the head and still some others use what's called "the method." All this particular actor needs to work are a few good ideas, an explosion, and what he calls an "energetic vibe." For him these elements set up a 'Chain Reaction.' ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT's Lisa Canning goes on location to Chicago for an on-the-set-between-takes chat with the star of 'Chain Reaction' KEANU REEVES.

LISA CANNING: Hi, KEANU, how are you? What happened to your face? What is that?

KEANU REEVES: Make-up. I fell off a motorcycle as a laboratory exploded from hydrogen.

LISA: So it's been quite a morning for you.

KEANU: The explosion happened a couple of weeks ago. This is the after effects.

LISA: Okay, but you've got a fight happening here this afternoon?

KEANU: Yes. I do a little pushing. I club somebody with a bone.

LISA: That's good...

KEANU: It's good fun.

LISA: You can release a lot of aggression.

KEANU: That's why I do these pictures.

LISA: Is that why?

KEANU: Not actually.

LISA: I was downstairs, and I was talking to some of the little girls who have come to the museum on KEANU watch. They were like, "KEANU! KEANU! We want to see KEANU!" Do you feel good when you get that kind of reaction?

KEANU: It's very nice.

LISA: People just want to say, "Hey" and they want to talk to you. Do you ever get used to that? People seeing you and screaming your name?

KEANU: People screaming? No, I don't get used to that.

LISA: Do you feel like it's something that is a necessary evil to stardom?

KEANU: It depends on the day. Some days it's fun, and some days it's not as much fun.

LISA: So tell me why you decided to do 'Chain Reaction'? I know you must be getting tons of scripts.

KEANU: I get a lot of bad scripts.

LISA: I bet.

KEANU: This movie had the benefit of not having a script, but a lot of good ideas, and being able to work with ANDREW DAVIS [the director of 'Chain Reaction'] and MORGAN FREEMAN. Those are the reasons I'm here.

LISA: Have you and MORGAN had a chance to bond and get to know each other?

KEANU: We have a pretty good working relationship going.

LISA: What about RACHEL [British actress and KEANU's leading lady in 'Chain Reaction' RACHEL WEISZ]?

KEANU: RACHEL and I have been hanging out.

LISA: How is she doing? This is her first big American movie.

KEANU: She's great.

LISA: You've been giving her tips and stuff.

KEANU: No, no, no.

LISA: She doesn't need them?

KEANU: Not only does she not need them, but I've been getting some from her.

LISA: Like what?

KEANU: I've been getting life lessons from her.

LISA: Can you share?


LISA: Okay. How do you like Chicago? I know it's been really cold.

KEANU: I like it very much. I'm having a good time here.

LISA: What have you been doing?

KEANU: I've been mostly working, so I haven't gone out much. I've gone to a few restaurants, some blues clubs. I have one friend out here, so I've seen her a couple of times. That's been nice. I like the energy from this city, and I like the people I've run into and, again, the clubs and the good food. I like the architecture and the vibe of this city.

LISA: I was watching you between takes, occasionally. I know you were preparing, but I saw you talking to yourself. Someone said, "He's reciting Shakespeare." What were you doing?

KEANU: I have no idea. It depends on what part of the day.

LISA: Are you critical of yourself? Are you hard on yourself?

KEANU: I'm a Virgo.

LISA: What does that mean?

KEANU: Come on, you know what that means.

LISA: Give me an example, what--

KEANU: Come on.

LISA: What?

KEANU: Virgos are critical of themselves.

LISA: Are you into astrology KEANU?

KEANU: What time were you born?

LISA: When you meet a girl do you go, "What's your sign?"

KEANU: No. I don't. I'm a passive astrologist.

LISA: Oh yeah?

KEANU: Yeah.

LISA: What does that mean?

KEANU: That means I don't practice it, but if it's done well, I believe in some of the charts. Most of the people who say what their signs are, then describe their signs, say they can relate to it. They say that it resonates with their lives.

LISA: Really?

KEANU: That's what I have to say about astrology.

LISA: You have a great sense of humor. What do you think when you see yourself up there on the big screen in the final product. You've done what, 26 movies? I know it's a ton of movies.

KEANU: I don't know.

LISA: Are you happy with what you see?

KEANU: Yes. Some of the films are good. It really depends on the film. The first time you see it, one looks at what the director did with the film. How is it cut? What's in? What's out? Then you look at your performance, and that's about it.

LISA: Are you at all happy with most of your performances?

KEANU: I think I've done some good work, and I've certainly been in some--what I think are--very good films.

LISA: You just worked with CAMERON DIAZ. I'm looking forward to checking it ['Feeling Minnesota'] out.

KEANU: It should be good. There's some good acting in that film. VINCENT D'ONOFRIO, DAN AYKROYD, and DELROY LINDO--they are all exceptional. It was good fun.

LISA: How do you like working with ANDREW DAVIS?

KEANU: I like working with him very much.

LISA: Is he a tough director?

KEANU: No. He's got the energy of nature.

LISA: Energy of nature...?

KEANU: Yes. He's just always going.

LISA: That's poetic. I like that.

KEANU: He's patient, insightful and creative. He's very supportive. He's a marvelous man. I can't say enough about him.

LISA: Did you grow your hair for this role?

KEANU: They cut it actually. It used to be longer.

LISA: It seems longer than I remember.

KEANU: I don't know LISA. I've never met you before.

LISA: Oh, I've seen you. Believe it or not I've seen you around.

KEANU: They wanted me to cut it. It was a whole deal. Does my character have hair on his face? Does he have longer hair? I thought I'd go with this '70s retro kind of thing because they want me to play younger than my age. They want me to be 26 or 25. I thought longer hair might help and also because of the nature of the character I thought this kind of beard and stuff would be good. But we'll see. I could be totally wrong.

LISA: It's kind of cool. Is there a romance between you and RACHEL? Does something develop? Is there a bedroom scene?

KEANU: No, there isn't. This is serious drama and action.

LISA: Excuse me, I didn't realize...

KEANU: Yes! We only have exploding labs. The relational journey is: we work together; we get framed for this explosion and the death of a professor. First we're strangers, then friends, then brother/sister, then heroes. We'll see at the end if there's a little romance.

LISA: That is a journey.

KEANU: It's a classical journey. I hope you dig it.

LISA: Is there anything you'd rather do than acting?

KEANU: To earn money?

LISA: Whatever comes to mind?

KEANU: It's a Rorschach. No, I can't think of anything right now that I'd rather do.

LISA: What about singing.

KEANU: If you heard me sing, you wouldn't ask that. I play in a band. I play electric bass, and that's been good fun. We've been touring, and hopefully, we'll get to tour a little more this summer. We want to go to Europe, then come back to the states, and hopefully we'll get to do that.

LISA: Cool.

'Chain Reaction' opens in theaters in August. Look for more of KEANU and his 'Chain Reaction' co-stars RACHEL WEISZ and MORGAN FREEMAN, plus behind-the-scenes and sneak peeks at the finished product at your one-stop-see-it-all place for entertainment, ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT! Stay tuned.

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