WSCR, Sports Radio (US), February 23, 1996

Interview with Keanu Reeves on Sports, Film and other Things


with Mike and Dan, the Monsters

[ 8:20 AM, Chicago ]

Opening Lead-In (during which Keanu is listening and laughing) starring Joey Rappa, Keanu's personal assistant on A Walk In The Clouds and Chain Reaction, who is leaving a message for the station:

Joey: Hi Jesse Rogers, Joey Rappa, um, ask Mike if it's ok, if instead of bringing Keanu, I bring Ricky Schroeder. Kinda the same thing, talk about Silver Spoons and stuff like that. Um, I'm just kidding. We were out real late last night, so probably won't be there till 11:30, quarter, 11:30. All right? Just wanted to give you a better, better time frame there. All right, pal? Bye, bye.

Mike: How would you like to have a guy like that watching out for you? Joey Rappa!

Keanu: Yes, indeed.

Mike: We have Joey Rappa, the manager, well he says he's the manager, I think he's just a go-fer. And we have Keanu Reeves with us. Keanu, what's up?

Keanu: Good morning, good morning, good morning.

Mike: Good morning, man. First of all, thanks for coming by. I understand you don't do a whole lot of these radio interviews. In fact, Entertainment Tonight's after you, all these, but you decide to do your friends a favor.

Keanu: Yes indeed, yep, yep.

Mike: Now how did he con - Let's talk the story.

Keanu: Oh, we're gonna explain the whole story?

Mike: Now just very simply is now he was not getting Bulls tickets to see Orlando unless you came.

Keanu: This is for tickets.

Mike: Any you're probably not gonna go to the game.

Keanu: I'm not gonna go to the game. I'm watching it on TV. Kick back.

Mike: You're doing a favor for this guy?

Keanu: I'm doing a favor for my friend, Joey Rappa.

Mike: That's a beautiful thing!

Keanu: Rappa watches my back, man, so...

Mike: But, first of all, we got congratulations on your career so far being so good.

Keanu: And yours as well.

Mike: Oh, thank you and I'll tell you this right now, my dream is "The Cincinnati Kid". That's it. I want this guy, he tells me the other night, Mike, I do not do remakes.

Keanu: Nah, nah, I don't like, no, especially that film.

Mike: Why? Because it was so good?

Keanu: Yeah, that and the performer and all.

Mike: Steve McQueen. You won't take on a role, in other words, that an actor you like or revered or think that's great did?

Keanu: Yeah. Yeah, I know I'm not going to do "The Ten Commandments".

Mike: (LOL) The guy's doing Bud Lite commercials (everyone starts to talk at once)

Keanu: "I love you, man"

Mike: "I love you, man"

Dan: Who, in terms of the actors you've watched over the years, who are the guys you looked and said, "you know what, that's what I kinda aspire to."

Keanu: (Sigh) Whew, uh, Gary Oldman, uh, Gary Oldman I think is a great actor, um, uh, I think another great actor is Gena Rowlands, that's a woman but another great actor.

Mike: Yeah, John Cassavettes' uh

Keanu: Yeah, she's a great actress and um, Leonardo DiCaprio is a great young actor. And um, who else is great. Malkovich is great and he's in town right now doing "The Libertine."

Dan: It's funny, we talk about sports and how a lot of times, guys come into the business of sports, pro sports, don't know the history of the sport. We were talking about Curt Flood earlier this morning.

Keanu: Yeah, I heard that.

Dan: The difference that he made and a lot of guys come in baseball now probably go "who's that?", you know, so it's interesting that you bring up some people from the past and some people from the present.

Keanu: Yeah, yeah.

Mike: Well, wait a minute, wait a minute, hold on for a minute, I didn't hear a John Wayne, I didn't hear a Joe Pesci.

Keanu: Well, no.

Mike: Come on, I didn't hear a James Caan, and some of the all time greats.

Keanu: Well, yeah, uh, exactly, they are...

Mike: Would you do "Stagecoach" or was John Wayne just made for the role? Look at Joey!

Keanu: I don't think, I don't think I have the, uh...

Joey: True grit (all LOL)

Keanu: I don't have that, yeah, I don't have that true grit.

Dan: Let me ask you this. A Walk in the Clouds. Now for, you know, we call ourselves men of the 60's who are living in the 90's.

Mike: That's exactly right.

Dan: Now this looks like a very sensitive movie, one of those kinda things that the women would like to go and see Keanu Reeves and it was made by the director of "Like Water for Chocolate."

Keanu: Right, Alfonso Arau.

Dan: Give us a little bit of a hint about this movie, what was this one like?

Keanu: Um, what was that like? Uh (LOL)

Dan: Looks like a romantic love story type deal.

Keanu: Yes, it was, it was, it was, um...

Mike: Who's the babe?

Dan: That's what I'm saying!

Keanu: Aitana Sanchez-Gijon from Spain, Madrid.

Dan: Ah, now this is nice.

Keanu: It's a 40's romance, a 1940's romance.

Mike: You like doing stuff like that, right? I mean, you like taking on projects that a lot of actors would say, "Huh, I'm not gonna do that. It might not be big at the box office." I think the first movie you've made that was across the board, everybody went to see, from young to old,

Keanu: Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (LOL)

Mike: No, I don't think so, Keanu. I will tell you this, it was "Speed." I will say it was "Speed" where everybody, I mean, my uncles went to see it, they're in their 50's, my young niece went to see it. You know what I'm saying?

Dan: I got a question for you too, man. When Sandra Bullock is driving the bus and you're down there below, what's up with that, man? I mean, what's going on there?

Keanu: I was doing hero stuff, man. I couldn't drive and go under the bus at the same time.

Dan: How much of that stiff was the real deal, where you're under the bus.

Keanu: It was all real (LOL).

Dan: Did you take some chances in that movie?

Keanu: Did I take some chances?

Dan: Physically?

Mike: Yeah, he worked with Dennis Hopper.

Dan: That's a big enough chance.

Keanu: Yeah, um...

Mike: Is he a weird bird, man?

Keanu: No, he's a beautiful man.

Dan: Is he a strange guy?

Keanu: Yeah, he is. He's very interesting. He's very, uh, he's uh, he's uh very inventive. He is uh....

Mike: He is the guy in "Easy Rider."

Keanu: A lot of personality. Yeah, he is to a certain extent, but I mean, he collects art. He writes for, you know, literary magazines. He does criticism. He's political. He's just, you know, he's an interesting, an interesting cat.

Mike: I'll tell you what, now seeing "Speed", you know, I saw this as one of the movies that any one of 20 guys could have gotten, whether it be Schwartzenegger, whether it be you, whether it be Stallone, that was one of those roles I thought wasn't a big risk role for you as compared to your other roles. It's one of these deals where people weren't looking as much for the acting as they were looking for the action, the explosion.

Keanu: Right.

Mike: Stuff like that.

Keanu: But it was an odd, it was a kind of, what made I think the film unique was that there was this action but there was also a kind of, a subtle kind of drama to it, you know, and a subtle romance to it.

Mike: She's hot, isn't she?

Keanu: Yeah, she is indeed.

Mike: I saw her in "Wrestling Ernest Hemingway" when it first came out.

Keanu: Yeah, that was a great movie.

Mike: I told my wife, I said, this woman is going to be a big star.

Keanu: Yeah.

Mike: And she's "Well". I go, first of all, waitress uniforms. They make a woman look absolutely....

Keanu: Uh, uh, uh, uh, (LOL)

Mike: They hug the body.

Dan: Just like a little ash....

Mike: Did you see "Wrestling Ernest Hemingway"?

Keanu: Waitresses, nurse uniforms (LOL)

Mike: You know, they're the salt of the earth, and Richard Harris was excellent in (...) but she, to me, stood out.

Dan: But that was like a guy thing. I think when you looked at that movie, "Wrestling Ernest Hemingway," it was, it was, I think every guy looks at it in some point in his life, hopefully he's gonna get to that point where, you know, you're older and you're looking back on things and reflecting a little bit, you know, and that was kind of interesting about that, but, your life, man, I look at the different movies that you've done and what not and I'm wondering, is there a role out there that you say "You know what, that's one that I have to do before I get out of this business?"

Keanu: Um.....

Mike: Cincinnati Kid is the one I got pegged for him.

Dan: That's the one.

Mike: I'm not letting that go. You're gonna be in it. We got Karl Malden coming back for the role....

Keanu: All right, all right.

Dan: Is there something you say, you know, I wanna play this, I wanna get to this level and be this kind of a movie....

Keanu: Um, eeg, ahh, uhh, raworrrrrr.

Mike: Godfather 4 is completely out of the running? Not a possibility?

Keanu: No, they blew it with 3.....

Mike: That's one of the things you're afraid of. They went too far.

Keanu: No, but I thought it was perfect, because it was the end of that time, and it was the destruction of that whole familia, and I thought that they.....

Mike: But he still has kids. They can still do Godfather 4.

Dan: Run that into the ground.

Mike: Yeah, run that. Remember Rocky 40.

Keanu: Oh my god.

Mike: Didn't they run that into the ground a little bit?

Keanu: Yeah, I like that film where Rocky met, what was the other guy's character?

Dan: Not Dolph Lundgren

Mike: Burgess Meredith

Keanu: No, no, the other Stallone picture. No, the other Stallone picture, the other thing that he did, when he played the soldier, the Vietnam guy.

Mike: Oh, Rambo.

Keanu: Rambo, yeah, I like, I think they should have done, you know, they could have had a split screen (LOL). Rambo and Rocky.

Mike: There you go. (LOL) Well, I'll tell you what, we're gonna take a break, and when we come back, we're gonna talk about...

Keanu: Some sports.

Mike: Stuff, some sports, hockey. Hey, are you a big hockey fan?

Dan: Let's talk about your new movie, too, man.

Keanu: Nah, let's talk sports.

Mike: You wanna talk sports. You wanna take some phone calls.

Keanu: Yeah, let's take phone calls.

Mike: Rap on Joe Rappa.

Keanu: He's got some questions for you.

Mike: All right. Come on, Joey. Fire away, as Jesse holds up the 4 tickets that Keanu had to come here to get. Look at those tickets, Joe.

Keanu: Ooooooh, the Bulls.

Mike: Join the Monsters (###-####) if you wanna fax us. We're the Monsters, see ya.

(Commercial break)

(As they return from commercial break, they are playing a clip from Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, the castle scene. In the background, all are LOL and Keanu is overacting some of his dialog).

Keanu: Oh, no.

(Steven Tyler's music starts to play)

Keanu: All right!

Mike: Steven Tyler for you today and now Sports on the Score brought to you by (many big commercial plugs). Well, Keanu Reeves!

Keanu: Well, hang on a second, I think you guys just lost like three quarters of your audience.

Mike: Why?

Keanu: Just playing that Bill & Ted stuff.

Mike: How much dough did you get for that? How much dough did you rake in?

Keanu: 200 grand.

Mike: Wow!

Dan: The problem is most of them who remember that movie can't remember what they were just thinking about, you know what I'm saying?

Keanu: Yeah, right.

Dan: Vanity Fair, August of 95...

Mike: Well, we got them all here. The kid's a star, man.

Dan: June of 95 on the cover of People magazine.

Keanu: I didn't want to be on the cover of People magazine and they stuck my mug on there anyway. Oh yeah, and the cover of Premiere magazine. (There are a bunch of Premiere interviews. I don't know which one he means. - Ani) I didn't want to do that one either and they just published that.

Mike: Did they tell you? Did they lie to you and tell you that "we won't put you on the cover."

Keanu: No, they just said, anyway, so....

Dan: Look at this! Life is an excellent adventure for a star who has no home, no special someone, and no rival as Hollywood's most enigmatic sex symbol.

Mike: Awwwwwww!

Dan: Keanu Reeves, the wild one, on sex, Hollywood.....

Keanu: Is that bull---, I can swear on the radio, right?

Mike: No, you can't swear on radio, but

Keanu: That's terrible.

Mike: For you, we can.

Keanu: It's terrible, it's terrible.

Dan: It works, though, doesn't it.

Keanu: Don't believe the hype, don't believe the hype.

Mike: Let's talk about your buddy here, Joey.

Keanu: Joeeeeey!

Mike: Let's get Joey on the line, man. Joey, come on the line, man.

Joey: What's up?

Dan: He's feeling bad because we didn't get him in the first half.

Mike: First of all, congratulations on

Keanu: Your Bulls tickets (LOL)

Mike: On your Bulls tickets. And congratulations on wheezling your way in here and congratulations basically on getting Keanu's leftovers.

Keanu: Oh, man.

Mike: One thing I want to know, basically you hang out with him.

Joey: Right

Mike: And, you know, there's 20 women waiting for him and he leaves with one

Keanu: No, no, no, no

Mike: Or maybe two

Keanu: No, no.

Mike: Or maybe three, there's 17 left. I'm a good mathematician (LOL).

Joey: You got Jiggetts (transcribers note: Dan's last name is Jiggetts)

Mike: Take him (all LOL)

Dan: Now, you went to Cal, right? Graduated in 92.

Joey: Graduated in 92.

Mike: He called the other day, had Campenelli on the line.

Dan: How did you guys meet?

Joey: Um...

Dan: You just, basically, you wouldn't leave him alone.

Joey: We met, I was working for a producer, Jim Brubaker, and they kinda assigned me to Keanu for a movie, A Walk in the Clouds, and we became friends from there, and I've been hounding him ever since.

Keanu: (LOL)

Mike: And now you think you got a gig. I'll tell you what, you keep cutting deals like the one you cut with me, you're gonna be out on the street.

Dan: One thing I want to know, Keanu, I know he's an operator.

Keanu: Oh, yeah, movin' and shakin'

Dan: He's an operator, man.

Mike: You'll be with Ray Walston. That's who you'll end up with. The guy that played on My Favorite Martian, you keep this up.

Keanu: (LOL)

Joey: Why does Billy Williams get to call in and I have to bring Keanu over here?

Mike: Because, you know what, that's the only way you can get the tickets. You put him in a precarious position here. Well, let's talk about the sports scene, first off....

Keanu: OK, well now, Joey's got a question.

Mike: All right, Joey. Go ahead.

Joey: I have a question? (All LOL)

Keanu: Yeah, you wanted to talk about Michael and his contract.

Mike: Go ahead.

Joey: The question I was thinking about was actually to Dan. I want to know what Verne Lundquist looks like naked. (All LOL).

Mike: Cause Dan did room with him when he was working for CBS (LOL)

Joey: No, no, no. I want to know about Jordan's, (all still LOL), what's up with Jordan's contract?

Mike: 25 mill a year.

Dan: Probably 25 million a year.

Joey: Why this change of heart? He's been taking a back seat and been doing everything for the Bulls and paying everybody else, but I read a quote today from the agent that he wants to be the highest paid player in the NBA. Is that possible?

Dan: Yeah, you know there's because, he's a guy who signed a long term deal and never complained about it. You know, there's a lot of guys who sign 7 year deals and come back in 3 or 4 years and start screaming, "I want more money." He never did that. Of course, he's making 40 million off the court.

Mike: Off the court a year, sorta like.

Dan: What this is, is a make-up, a make-up deal for the years that he was basically underpaid. He'll probably play 3 more seasons after this one and at probably around 25 million a year.

Mike: And he deserves it. Ewing is making 18.

Joey: Right.

Mike: Now, who would you rather have running the floor with you?

Joey: No rings for Pat.

Mike: That's exactly right. Now, we went to the Hawk game last night. And you're a big hockey guy, right, you play a lot of hockey.

Keanu: I play a lot of hockey, yeah.

Mike: But you're not a big hockey guy.

Keanu: I like playoff hockey.

Mike: OK, this whole thing is a waste of time, this regular season. (Joe and Dan are now talking at the same time, making transcription impossible).

Keanu: I just like the nature of the game. I mean, I guess it's true with all sports, but I mean, it's just where every moment counts, where everything is, you know, it's just the intensity of the game.

Mike: Where they put out 100%?

Keanu: Yeah, it's just the, you know, it's more dramatic the better hockey you play.

Mike: So you feel that way about all sports, baseball?

Keanu: You know, I enjoy the game, I enjoy watching hockey and, you know, baseball and basketball, and all that, I mean I enjoy it but I mean.....

Mike: LA. It's like dead now.

Keanu: It's really depressing. It's like, well, it's not dead...

Mike: You got Magic back, Buck is back, and you're gonna get a football team

Dan: You're gonna get the Seahawks...

Mike: Oh god, sorry.

Keanu: Oh, my god. Oh, God. It's like floods, earthquakes, riots, and now the Seahawks.

Mike: The Seahawks!

Keanu: It's never ending!

Mike: Now, Warren Beatty did a flick, Heaven Can Wait. A lot of guys have done flicks with sports.

Keanu: Right.

Mike: Kevin Costner, Field of Dreams. Would you ever consider doing a flick like that?

Keanu: Right, well actually, one of my first films was called, what was it called, now I forgot what it was called, I played hockey in it. It was with Rob Lowe and Patrick Swayze. Youngblood!

Mike: Youngblood was a great flick. How much of a role did you have in that? I've seen that.

Keanu: Well, most of it, actually it was one of my first experiences where you do a performance, and then you go to see the film, and you go "OK, watch this scene." Uh, oh!

Mike: Oh, OK, that's why I didn't see you.

Keanu: But I was French Canadian in it, I played the French Canadian goalie, Heaver.

Dan: Did you say (he says something in French that the transcriber couldn't quite get).

Keanu: Yeah, well, no, I said "I'm French Canadian..."

Mike: No, you said that in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. Oh, sorry. (All LOL) Now, you were with Swayze, Lowe.

Keanu: Yeah, that was a wild.....

Mike: That had to be a wild party.

Keanu: Yeah, yeah, but I was like, I was like, you know, that was my first film.

Mike: What did you get, like 10 bucks an hour or something like that?

Keanu: Yeah. I drove myself to the set.

Mike: Oh, that sucks, man.

Keanu: No, it was a good time, man.

Mike: Did you enjoy it?

Keanu: I'm just saying that I didn't get, I mean, I had a lot of improvisation, a lot of scenes, but most of them got cut out. But I got to play hockey. And in my audition, I had to play hockey. I'm a goalie. I played .... in that.

Dan: You mentioned the fact that you got some neck problems and things like that from sports and what not.

Keanu: Yeah, yeah.

Dan: Which sports did you play and in which ones did you....

Keanu: I played hockey, and I still play hockey. I play in leagues in LA, and uh....

Mike: Quit picking your nose, Joe. This is interesting! (All LOL). All right, please. Guy's picking his nose going "Damn, last night was good." (All LOL)

Keanu: No, it's fine, man. Anyway, I played basketball and hockey. And that's it.

Mike: And you got like 3 broken vertebras. Who do you play with? (Transcribers note: while others are laughing about playing with Marcus Johnson, Keanu can be heard in the background)

Keanu: No, uh, I've got 3 herniated disks.

Mike: Now, White Men Can't Jump would have been a good flick for you.

Keanu: Yeah, I didn't quite, I auditioned for that, but I didn't.....

Mike: Really? The Woody Harrelson role?

Keanu: Yeah. They ruined that picture, man.

Mike: Why? Cause you didn't get it? Joey, did they ruin the picture cause he didn't get it? Is that the way he is?

Joey: Absolutely.

Mike: Now wait, could you be....

Keanu: No, no because it had, it used to have more heart and more, they, they punked out and made it this buddy film. I mean, it wasn't a buddy film. It was about this guy and uh, the turmoil and the confusion of the character. It wasn't like "Oh well, I lost the girl but I got my new friend." (All LOL). It was about that he couldn't help gambling. He couldn't help, you know, himself. He couldn't and he just and in the end, he lost. He lost everything in the original script.

Mike: Well, you know quite basically, it wasn't as deep as this...

(They play a clip from Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure: I'm Bill. This is Ted. We're from the future.......Socrates) (All LOL)

Mike: What is this, a buddy buddy film?

Keanu: This is, This is a profound, existential work, deconstructing humor.

Dan: It's a little bit above you, man. You know what I'm saying.

Keanu: This is a profound 20th century comedy, deconstructing humor and tragedy (as "Ted" is saying in the background - All we are is dust in the wind, dude).

Mike & Dan: Oh wow, man.

Keanu: All we are is dust in the wind, dust.

Joey: Hey, with every clip, with every clip...

Mike: I felt like that the other night.....

Keanu: Turn this off.

Mike: Oh come on now, that's one of your best performances.

Keanu: Help me out.

Mike: Joe?

Joey: Dan's gotta help me out. Every clip of Bill & Ted's is another favor I owe him.

Keanu: (LOL)

Mike: We just got a couple more, but not from Bill & Ted's. We got some stuff from Speed. My favorite scene in Speed and I don't know how long you worked on this dialog, Keanu, was "Don't take your foot off the gas pedal or the bus will blow up."

Keanu: Do you know how hard that was? Look how hard? Imagine trying to have to say that line and say it straight.

Mike: And say it to Sandra (LOL)

Keanu: And say it to Sandra, yeah.

Mike: You know what my favorite part of the flick is, is when Jeff Daniels walks into the house and the red light goes off and you see his eyes, and they go "oops, you're a dummy", boom, and that was it.

Dan: We said we'll take a couple of calls real quick.

Mike: Let's take a couple of calls.

Dan: Bridget's on the line from Lake in the Hills.

Mike: Hi, Bridget.

Bridget: Hi, Keanu.

Keanu: (LOL)

Dan: She's just going to play us off.

Keanu: She's just like dissed you guys. She's never heard of this show before.

Dan: No, it was in the Tribune today.

Keanu: Bridget, have you ever heard of this show before?

Bridget: No, never heard of it.

(All LOL)

Mike: We used you today. We needed new listeners.

Keanu: Oh, yeah.

Dan: Go ahead, Bridget.

Bridget: Listen, I was wondering if you ever were watching your films, if you were thinking that you would change something about the way you played a character.

Keanu: Uh, often.

Bridget: Really?

Keanu: Yeah.

Bridget: Like, in which films?

Keanu: Um, all of them (LOL)

Mike: Point Break?

Keanu: Yeah.

Mike: That was with Patrick Swayze, another movie.

Keanu: It's not that, it's not necessarily cause it sucks, but it's just you can, you always, you always know more after you've done it, to a certain extent, and you always....

Bridget: Which...

Keanu: Pardon me?

Bridget: Oh, excuse me. Would you ever, would you want to do Shakespeare in a theater cause I know you did that play in Canada.

Keanu: Yeah, I did Hamlet last year in Winnipeg.

Bridget: Right.

Keanu: Yeah, sure, I'd love to do some work at the Public in New York City, do some Shakespeare there. I think you just lost another quarter percent of your listeners.

Mike: What's the movie that you ride around where they carry you around all the time. You got that gold hat on.

Keanu: It's called Little Buddha.

Mike: Oh, Little Buddha. Did you enjoy doing that film? That looked like a challenging role.

Dan: Thanks, Bridget.

Mike: Thanks, Bridget.

Keanu: I'll see you, Bridget.

Mike: Au revoir.

Dan: Heather is calling from Glen Ellyn. Heather!

Mike: Hi, Heather.

Heather: Hi.

Mike: Hi, how you doing?

Keanu: Hey, Heather! You ever heard of this show before?

Heather: No, but I've heard of you before, Keanu.

Keanu: Excellent.

Mike, Dan & Joey: Excellent, excellent man, cool. (All LOL)

Heather: Saw you at Park West. Great show.

Keanu: Oh, hey, thanks a lot. That was a Dogstar show.

Mike: Uh huh.

Keanu: I play in a band and we toured. Thank you very much. I'm glad you liked it.

Dan: The multi-talented Keanu Reeves.

Mike: You play the bass, don't you?

Keanu: Yeah, a little bit.

Dan: I always wanted to play that. I bought one but I never learned how to play it.

Mike: It's hard to carry that fiddle around, isn't it? It's hard to carry that fiddle around with you, isn't it?

Dan: No, it's a bass guitar, man.

Mike: Oh, I'm sorry.

Dan: Electric, man.

Mike: I'm sorry.

Keanu: (LOL)

Dan: Pickups and stuff.

Mike: I thought you were like Earl Scruggs or something. (All LOL) Go ahead, Heather.

Heather: Keanu. What's your favorite movie you did?

Keanu: Um. You mean in terms of the performance or in terms of the film?

Heather: Just what's your favorite of anything?

Keanu: Uh, I don't have one. I really like River's Edge, Speed, Little Buddha, I Love You To Death, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure Part Ooooone (all LOL), Tune in Tomorrow.

Heather: Tune in Tomorrow was great.

Keanu: Prince of Pennsylvania, there goes another quarter of your listeners.

Dan: No Point Break, huh?

Mike: (to Keanu) Would you quit that? He's an actor. He's insecure.

(All start to talk at the same time, "again").

Dan: You said something before though that reminded me of how you felt when you were playing and that is when you look at the films you, you know, you look at the movies, you say, "Well, wait a minute. I could have done that better," and then I guess you carry a bit of that with you every time you go back out to do your job.

Keanu: Hopefully, hopefully.

Dan: And there are a lot of similarities, I was asking earlier during the break, Mike, about how you remember lines because to me that would be one of the, one of the toughest parts about the job. And you were saying something pretty interesting.

Keanu: And it's also the most fun aspects of it because, you know, it's in that exciting, it's one of the more exciting parts is rehearsal. You're learning the part. You're kinda getting (?) it out, you're in the whole kinda, you're in yourself and in the work and you're trying to learn about it and each other and meet and create and it's just, you know, physical and repetition. You know, just repeating the lines and then, you know, just trying to get it into your body, getting it into your emotions.

Dan: What's the wildest thing about this deal for you now. I mean, you're a movie star.

Keanu: Doing sports talk radio shows. (All LOL) You're setting me up.

Mike: We got a little bit of a cut from Speed I and we'll have everybody listen.

Keanu: Oh, no.

(They play the Jaguar clip on the freeway). (All LOL throughout).

Mike: (afterwards) That's acting!

Dan: Now you jumped into the brother's, the brother's Jaguar, man. What's up with that?

Mike: That's science fiction. A brother with a Jaguar and a white guy jumping in it. (All LOL) That's about as science fiction as it gets. Forget about Star Trek.

Keanu: Oh, no.

Mike: Now, how long did it take to shoot that flick.

Keanu: Three and a half months, but the director probably worked on it a year and a half.

Mike: OK. A lot of work as far as the technical stuff as that goes.

Keanu: Well, you can also tell from the dialog, you know, it was very.....

Mike: Would you quit being so hard on yourself? You're doing a tremendous job.

Keanu: No, no, no.

Mike: You're worried about listeners leaving. I can't do this. I'm not doing that.

Keanu: Yeah.

Mike: Forget about it.

Dan: Before we spring you, man, Ted is calling from Skokie. Wants to say hi.

Ted: Monsters, great job.

Dan & Mike: Thanks, buddy.

Ted: Keanu, this is probably the most difficult question of the day but.....

Keanu: Oh-oh.

Ted: Who are you rooting for Sunday? And before you answer, my mom's a real big fan. If you say hello to Joanie out there, you'll make her real happy.

Keanu: Hey, Joanie, how's it going today?

Ted: Now, are you making a film about the Bulls? Is that why you're in town?

Keanu: (LOL)

Mike: He's playing on the Bulls.

Keanu: The world revolves around the Bulls in Chicago.

Mike & Dan: Don't answer.

Keanu: No, I'm not.

Mike & Dan: Now, who do you like?

Keanu: Well, I'm rooting for Chicago.

Dan: Now the name of the movie you're making has changed, has it not?

Keanu: Yeah, it used to be called Dead Drop. Then it became Critical Path, and now it's called Chain Reaction.

Dan: Yeah, cause we had some folks from Fox, you know, some of our newspeople were in the movie. I guess you guys had some reporters, things like that.

Keanu: Yeah, right.

Dan: Now, how long, when will this movie hit the theaters?

Keanu: I have no idea. I think they want to release it this summer.

Mike: Do you get paid by the day?

Keanu: Um, no, I get a contract, and then I just do it.

Joey: (in the background) something like 7 figures, man.

Dan: It's a beautiful thing, man.

Keanu: After taxes, though, it goes to 6.

Mike: Oh, that's too bad!

Ted: Can I ask a question here?

Mike: Yeah, go ahead.

Ted: I wanted to ask Kenu (Transcribers note: This was Ted's exact pronunciation). I know you mentioned John Malkovich. Was there some kind of hope that you might have been able to play that Dangerous Liaisons role? Uma Thurman?

Keanu: Pardon me?

Mike: Dangerous Liaisons with Uma Thurman.

Keanu: Yeah?

Mike: Did you want that role? What roles have you.....

Keanu: I played that role!

Mike: Yeah, he played that role! Don't start! See ya, Ted. What roles did you turn down that you wish you hadn't turned down?

Keanu: Um, turned down, that I, none.

Mike: None?

Keanu: None.

Mike: Which role did you audition for, besides White Men Can't Jump, that you said, "Dammit, I would have done a better job," or maybe "I would have been as good."

Keanu: Well, um, I just, I missed out on a film a couple of years ago called Orphans. Um and, uh.....

Dan: Malcolm X

Mike: Yeah. Denzel Washington beat you out on that. Dammit, I thought it was unfair.

Dan: I'll tell you what. Denzel just had a movie come out, Devil in a Blue Dress.

Keanu: Yeah

Dan: Strong stuff, man.

Keanu: Yeah.

Dan: It's an excellent movie.

Keanu: Yeah. He's a great actor.

Mike: Do you care about awards? I mean, I remember Al Pacino, when he was younger, Jack Nicholson, De Niro, they didn't give a damn about the awards, but as they got older, they became sort of important to them. They wanted their body of work to be recognized. You're a young guy. Right now, is that a factor? Do you wanna win an Academy Award some day?

Keanu: Um. Do I want to win an Academy Award? Well, I mean, that the thing that would be great about that is that it would mean that, you know, I gave a good performance in a great film. You know, as that is an ambition of mine.

Mike: Or maybe gave, well you know, you gave, now wait, let's talk about one film I saw you in. Johnny Mnemonic.

Dan: Oh, that's brutal.

Keanu: Johnny Moronic.

Dan: Was that a money deal?

Keanu: No, no.

Mike: Playing Hendrix. (Jimi Hendrix music starts up in the background)

Keanu: OK, well that's good. That's life.

Mike: You know what? He was the man who.... Guess what?

Keanu: He's the man.

Mike: When I saw you do that, now you weren't bad in the role.

Keanu: Wharrrr!!! (Playing mouth guitar to Jimi Hendrix).

Mike: But it was just not....

Dan: So, it wasn't a money deal?

Keanu: Now, let me just defend myself here.

Mike: OK.

Keanu: It was recut by Tristar. It used to be.....

Mike: Those bastards!!!

Keanu: Yeah, yeah.

Dan: And they went out of business.

Mike: They're the same people who did the Donna Reed show. They screwed that up, too.

Keanu: The DR show?! But uh, the uh (all LOL). No, they just recut it. It used to be a very quirky, not even quirky, um....

Dan: It was a musical. (All LOL)

Mike: It was good! It was deep!

Keanu: It was! It was good and it was deep and they made it simple and stupid. And there's that. That's the end of it.

Dan: You know, it's just like everything else. You play the games, and you get your butt beat and well, you know, that happens.

Keanu: It does indeed happen.

Mike: Well, let me ask you this, before we let you go, Keanu. We appreciate Joe. We appreciate you coming by.

Keanu: Right.

Dan: (to Joe) And keeping quiet. (All LOL).

Mike: Ladies in your life, first of all, do you have a special lady in your life and second of all, do rumors bother you? You know, rumors about the actors.

Keanu: About my homosexuality?

Mike: .....homosexuality?

Keanu: Drug addiction?

Mike: Right, stuff like that. It seems like every actor gets tagged, whether it be, you know, Tom Cruise, or Keanu Reeves, or anybody going way back to Steve McQueen about the homosexuality, the bisexuality of actors. Does that bother you that, that's out in the open?

Keanu: That it's out in the open?

Mike: That they bring it out and it's not true.

Keanu: Uh.

Mike: Or is it true?

Keanu: Nah, it's not true and it's just kinda, I don't know, man, It's... Hollywood sometimes is a wacky, wacky place.

Dan: What it is a lot of times, though, is jealousy. People look at, you know, you're successful. You're doing what they wanna do. And I think that a lot of times, people look for some reason, some way to cut people down.

Keanu: Yeah.

Dan: And the thing you have to remember is that as long as you know who you are and as long as you're handling your business, the hell about what they say about you.

Mike: You know, it seems like it's about everybody. Al Pacino, this guy, that guy. There's not a heterosexual in Hollywood, according to the writers. There's not one. When all I see are those magazines, and there's nothing but guys and girls......

Dan: Even if that wasn't the case, it's still your business, you know what I'm saying.

Keanu: That, it is true.

Dan: You know what I'm saying.

Mike: And it doesn't bother you?

Keanu: Not really, not really.

Mike: Now let's talk about the Cincinnati Kid before I let you go. I got Jack Nicholson as the Karl Malden role, Shelly Winders as lucky fingers. Here's the dealer. All right, as Edward G. Robinson's role? Joe Pesci.

Keanu: Joe Pesci. There you go.

Mike: All right. Joe Pesci.

Keanu: You like Joe Pesci.

Mike: As Slade....

Keanu: You like Joe Pesci. You like it when he like....You know beats people......(All LOL)

Mike: Well, let me tell you something. Oh by the way....

Dan: He's visited with us here. (Mike and Dan start talking at the same time. What else is new?)

Keanu: He's a madman.

Mike: As Slade, the Rip Torn role? Once again, Rip Torn will be joining the group. But we've had Joe Pesci here. We've had Chuck Connors, the rifleman.

Keanu: Yeah, of course.

Mike: I love the rifleman.

Dan: He did an hour and a half with us.

Mike: An hour and a half with us.

Dan: It was not long before he passed away.

Keanu: Ah.

Mike: Yeah. We did. We had Shelly Faberes (sp?), who I loved on the Donna Reed Show.

Dan: (to Keanu) He played for the Cubs briefly.

Keanu: Oh, I didn't know that.

Dan: He played on the Boston Celtics as well in basketball.

Keanu: Really?

Dan: Uh huh.

Keanu: Oh, wow.

Dan: 6 foot 6, 6 foot 7, so that was a big man at the time.

Mike: He played for the Brooklyn Dodgers. Robert Role (?) was just on with us last week, the guy who played in Cop, played that stump. Did you see that movie?

Keanu: No.

Dan: You gotta check that out.

Mike: Tommy Lee Jones, one of the top guys going right now, too.

Keanu: Yeah, yeah.

Mike: Who would you consider the top 5 actors right now going?

Keanu: Um.

Mike: Besides yourself.

Keanu: The top 5?

Mike: You can just name four.

Keanu: Um.....

Mike: Cause we'll put you up in that group because....

Keanu: No, no, no. When you say top, what do you mean? From the, my point of view of skill or from, or in terms of....

Mike: Do you have to make everything so damn complicated?

Keanu: There's nothing simple, man.

Mike: You're so deep, man. What do you think is so complicated with you? When you're going into a place, when you're ordering a sandwich...

Keanu: Oh, it's an ordeal. I really have to get in touch with myself. What do I really want? What do they have? It's a whole thing.

Dan: It's the method orderer (LOL)

Keanu: It's the whole thing.

Mike: I don't know. On the sub, do I want mayo, or if I want low fat (LOL)

Dan: Is that a Strassberg sub?

Mike: Do I want swiss cheese or do I want american cheese?

Keanu: All right. It's the specifics. It's the, you know, the whole thing.

Mike: One guy you'd like to star with, right now. You and Swayze have starred together.

Keanu: I'd like to work with? God, there's so many. Christopher Walken, Daniel Day-Lewis. Those are two great actors.

Dan: What do you do just to chill a little bit? When you just want to kick back?

Keanu: I play music, read, go to films.

Dan: What kind of music do you like?

Mike: Do you like pool?

Keanu: Alternative, Jazz. I like John Coltrane, classical.

Dan: Uh huh.

Keanu: And, um....

Mike: Do you like to shoot pool?

Keanu: Yeah, I like to shoot pool.

Dan: If you like alternative music, we gotta just swing you by over to XRT.

Keanu: Yeah, XRT.

Dan: That's our sister station.

Mike: That's exactly right, my friend, they're right over there. And as a matter of fact, you like.....

Keanu: Alternative now is the new pop, you know what I mean, and it's, there's other music that's alternative, you know.

Dan: But, it's like everybody seems to be getting a little further out on the edge a little bit.

Keanu: Hopefully.

Mike: You know what. Further on the edge, where's my guy here.

Keanu: (in an announcer's voice) Let's talk into the Score Sports Radio.

Mike: Where's my guy, where's my guy. Now, here's my two favorites right now. (Mike starts playing "Volare")

Keanu: Oh no. You'll lose. Everyone's gone now.

Mike: Come on, baby.

Keanu: Are we going to sing?

Mike, Dan & Joey: (Singing Volare)

Mike: Come on, Keanu.

Keanu: I don't sing. Believe me, I don't sing.

Mike: How about this? The greatest rock band of all time. (Mike starts playing I Can't Get No Satisfaction)

Keanu: All right! Stones, man.

Mike: Come on, buddy. You wouldn't mind playing the bass for these guys for a couple of shows.

Keanu: (LOL) Oh, yeah, yeah, Paint It Black.

Mike: Hey, Keanu, we appreciate your coming by. Thanks.

Keanu: Thanks

Joey: It was worth it.

Keanu: It was fun.

Mike: We're gonna go take pictures now and get autographs, so we can be heroes at home.

Keanu: And get your audience back.

Mike: Take it easy!

Keanu: (in the announcer's voice again) We're talking sports on the Score sports radio 820 AM.

Mike: All right! It's 12:10 in Chicago, and we're sorry we're late. We got a lot of things to do, back after these.


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