BOP (US), June 1996

Keanu's unique take on romance

Some guys show off their romantic side by sending flowers. Others write poems and love letters or whisper sweet sentiments into their loved ones ear.

Keanu Reeves, however, has a totally different attitude when it comes to being romantic. Instead of being mushy and lovey-dovey, Keanu prefers a more practical approach. This includes things like honoring those close to him with presents on special occasions.

"A lot of what I do seems to be romantic in the sense of giving gifts," explains Keanu. I don't just mean flowers, but like if a friend has bought a new house, I would bring round housewarming gifts. Or if it's there birthday, I would get a present. I think I'm good at doing these kinds of things. [In that sense], romance is just a part of me."

Although Keanu says that his gift-giving gestures are fueled by his romantic nature, he admits they also have to do with certain superstitions.

"It's good luck to wish someone well on their important day and to mark the occasion properly," he told us."I think that stuff - giving and respecting other people - are the good parts of life."

Sharing the good parts of life with his friends and family is very important to Keanu. Whether it's buying a present, buying a house for his younger sister, or giving money to the homeless, Keanu's heart is with giving to others.

As he's told the press, "Doing so makes me feel good."




GuestLove to see you sharing our thoughts, SURREAL. (2017-03-26 04:54:38)
 Finally home and feel like I am ready to see about that message/blessing that was sent LONG ago, From Heaven, well it is 2017. "Are you still free can you be??"
GuestDear Guest (2017-04-01 08:28:37)
 What do you mean ??
GuestDear Guest (2017-04-01 08:28:38)
 What do you mean ??

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