The Calgary Sun (Ca), July 8, 1996

Reeves set to play with Devil

It wasn't just a chance to jam with his band Dogstar that prompted Keanu Reeves to pass on an $11.5-million payday to star opposite Sandra Bullock in Speed 2.

Reeves is poised to accept the same $11.5-million to star in The Devil's Advocate.

Reeves will play the right-hand man to Lucifer, who has taken up human form as a powerful lawyer. Dustin Hoffman, Warren Beatty, Michael Douglas and Jack Nicholson have all been approached at one time to play the devil.

Reeves has a doubleheader still planned for this summer. This month will be the action drama Chain Reaction, starring Morgan Freeman and directed by The Fugitive's Andrew Davis.

Next month, Reeves stars in Feeling Minnesota as a man who runs off with his brother's fiancee.

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Devil's Advocate, The


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