Time Out London (UK), July 10 - 17, 1996


Shepherd's Bush Empire - Tuesday

by Peter Paphides

The yawning, unbridgeable chasm that will forever divide men and women was well illustrated by the 'Bill And Ted' movies. Men, quite rightly, favoured Alex Winter, because Winter's natural aptitude for comedy was better developed than his counterpart's. However, the women invariably plumped for Keanu. Why? Because he was dishy. No matter that Keanu Reeves has always looked far too self-conscious truly to dignify the spirit of pervasive silliness.

And really, that's always been my problem with Keanu Reeves. He tries too hard. Take, for example, his frankly idiotic performances in 'Little Buddha' and 'Dracula'. No, please: take them. And it's hard not to see this Dogstar lark as anything but symptomatic of the same thing. Now I'm sure Keanu would protest that Dogstar are just a garage band indulging their love of US alternative rock (with all the cred anti-showbiz kudos that idiom implies). Fine. I wouldn't question that for a second. However, on the 'strength' of their tepid debut EP, 'Honesty Anyway', I doubt that they'd have inked a world-wide deal with RCA had their bassist been Eddie 'The Eagle' Edwards. And I'd be willing to bet the entire future of all the known and unknown universe that Dogstar certainly wouldn't be playing the Shepherd's Bush Empire were that the case. In mitigation, though, I would add that Johnny Depp's 'indie' band, P, are even worse, and they've covered 'Dancing Queen'. Fatwas have been issued for less.

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