The Daily Record (UK), July 15, 1996

Keanu Speeds to the Park by Bus

Then Hollywood hunk Reeves scoffs a curry. Keanu Reeves travelled to T in the Park by bus.

by Allison Mclaughlin

Hollywood heart-throb Keanu Reeves travelled to T in the Park by bus! And passengers were on the edge of their seats in case he did a repeat performance of Speed.

But there were no explosions at Glasgow's Buchanan Bus Station, where the hunk went virtually unnoticed. Wearing a woolly hat, he spent three hours at the music extravaganza on Saturday.

And he returned to the festival yesterday to play with his grunge band Dogstar.

One fan, Kirsty MacKay, 18, from Aberdeen, said: "I was standing in the NME tent on Saturday with friends and we knew we recognised him. "By the time we realised it was one of the sexiest men on the planet, he had slipped away."

On Saturday night, Keanu, 31, was whisked by car to the Cafe India restaurant, in Glasgow, where he tucked into a huge meal and chatted with customers.

Keanu, who spent four hours there, told them he turned down a sequel to Speed to concentrate on his music.

And he added: "It's been a buzz. I've enjoyed the warm Scottish hospitality."

One customer said: "Their table was stacked with dishes of food and he finished everything on his plate.

"But he still kept picking at the tandoori mix ordered by one of his band."

Keanu paid the whopping pounds 153 bill and left a tip of pounds 30.

Manager Raj Bajwe said Keanu offered to have his photograph taken with staff.

He added: "He was an absolute gentleman. He's welcome any time."

Keanu went shopping for a kilt yesterday - but said it was too expensive.


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