CNN-Showbiz Today (US), August 19, 1996

Dogstar CD Expected in Record Stores in September


by Paul Vercammen

LAURIN SYDNEY, Anchor: Jim, Keanu Reeves is used to having his name above the title, but as a leading man in the movies.

JIM MORET, Anchor: That's right. He's content to play a supporting role in his latest project as one of three members of the rock band Dogstar.

LAURIN SYDNEY: Catchy name.


LAURIN SYDNEY: The group is coming out soon with its very first full-length CD. And our Paul Vercammen talked with the band mates about their excellent adventure.

PAUL VERCAMMEN, Correspondent: [sound of Dogstar's music] The rock trio Dogstar wants to forge an identity and play down the references to simply `Keanu Reeves' band.' The actor-turned-rocker plays bass and finds euphoria performing to live audiences.

KEANU REEVES: It's an amazing energy. It's just like a kind of glee, a kind of- I mean, it's just a, for me, it's just amazing- laughs and sing. I mean, it's amazing.

PAUL VERCAMMEN: [Dogstar's music] Dogstar also includes singer-songwriter-guitarist Bret Domrose and Rob Mallhouse on drums.

ROB MAILHOUSE: Yeah, that came out today.

BRET DOMROSE: We just saw this today. They just gave it to us.

KEANU REEVES: Very excited.

BRET DOMROSE: Sort of what the album's cover is going to look like, kind of. We're still working on it.

PAUL VERCAMMEN: Their full-length CD Little Visionary is due out in September. A four-song disk, Quatro Fromaggi [sp] is out now.

ROB MAILHOUSE: If you like Radiohead, Tom Petty, REM, you might like Dogstar. Things like that. I mean, I- we don't sound-

BRET DOMROSE: It's a pretty bold thing to say.

ROB MAILHOUSE: Yeah, but I mean, you know- Well, OK. I'll say this then. Our record goes in that section in the record store. [laughter] [Dogstar's music]

PAUL VERCAMMEN: Because of Reeves, Dogstar has received more attention than most fledgling bands and it's been highly scrutinized.

BRET DOMROSE: It's not like we're trying-

ROB MAILHOUSE: The main disadvantage would be-

BRET DOMROSE: -like, you know, cure prostrate cancer-

PAUL VERCAMMEN: Dogstar members say some critics don't even pay attention to their live performances.

KEANU REEVES: It's like they're going, I can't hear you.

ROB MAILHOUSE: Or you're wondering if they even actually showed up, you know. They don't mention any of the song titles. They don't mention how good any of us actually played individually. They just go Well, everyone came to see Keanu, and so screw them. You know, and you're like-

KEANU REEVES: People have a cheap musical review, you know.

BRET DOMROSE: 'They were screaming really loud when you came onto the stage.'

PAUL VERCAMMEN: Reeves says he's not taking the stage over the screen. While it was suggested that Reeves dropped out of Speed II to jam with Dogstar, the actor says no way.

KEANU REEVES: It was just a personal choice.

PAUL VERCAMMEN: Reeves concedes planning a tour with two careers is difficult.

KEANU REEVES: The music and acting are both fickle, so you never know. Sometimes you can count on something in the future, or you have something planned, and sometimes you don't.

PAUL VERCAMMEN: For now the plan is to keep reading lines in film and lay down bass lines for Dogstar.

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