BOP (US), August 1996

Keanu Rocks!

While Keanu Reeves's thriller, Chain Reaction, opens in U.S. theaters this month, he'll be strummin' overseas with his band Dogstar.

Just what is a Dogstar anyway?

Dogstar is the three-man, Los Angeles- based rock-band in which Keanu, 31, plays bass guitar. The Speed star shares the stage with drummer Rob Mailhouse and guitarist/lead singer Bret Domrose. As for their music, Dogstar is, according to Bret, "maybe a little harder than Live or Seven Mary Three. We're not too alternative, and not anywhere near heavy metal. We're just a straight-ahead rock band.

So how about a sound sample?

Those of you curious about Keanu's musical mastery are in luck! This month, Dogstar releases a four-song enhanced CD titled Quattro Formaggi - or, in English, "four cheeses." In a stroke of technical triumph - which Keanu refers to as "very, wacky, kooky thing" - the CD can also be enjoyed on your computer's CD-ROM player, meaning you can watch video footage of the band while you savor such songs as "Honesty Anyway" and "32 Stories". Their as-yet-untitled full-length CD is due in late August.

But I want to see them live?

You can - if you live in Amsterdam! Keanu and company tested their touring skills in 1995 opening for Bon Jovi, and this month they embark on a European tour. After strummin' and hummin' some in Japan, by August Dogstar hopes to play some Stateside shows before Keanu starts Speed 2 in September. "That was my concern when I joined," Bret has said of the band. "I knew Keanu couldn't devote all his time to Dogstar, but it's been working out."

What about acting?

"Besides motorcycles", Keanu's little sister Kim has said, "he loves his band best." This is not to say that the multitalented thespian is quitting his day job. In addition to his starring turn in Chain Reaction, Keanu will be in September's Feeling Minnesota and the future film The Last Time I Committed Suicide.

But while Keanu's celebrity has certainly benefitted the band, he does try to keep the two separate. "I admit that my acting career has given us some opportunities to be heard and we're grateful for that," Keanu confesses. "But at the end, it comes down to the music, and I feel good about what we're doing." Rock on, Keanu!

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