BB (US), September 1996

A Keanu of All Trades

At different times during his childhood, Keanu Reeves dreamed of becoming an inventor, an orchestra conductor and a nuclear physicist.

When he eventually became old enough to work, he basically took just about any job that would earn him a paycheck, including toiling away as a tree trimmer, a pasta chef and an ice skate sharpener.

After realizing that the above jobs didn't totally fulfill him, and that his fantasies of inventing, conducting and studying subatomic particles had become merely faded dreams, Keanu settled quite happily into a career of acting.

These days, Keanu can say he's held a wide variety of fascinating jobs - all of them on screen, of course. For instance, he was an FBI agent in Point Break (1991), a SWAT team cop in Speed (1994), a computer chip smuggler in last year's Johnny Mnemonic, a World War II soldier in this year's A Walk in the Clouds and a research scientist in his due-out-this-week Chain Reaction.

Apparently, a profession that allows him to experience a full gamut of tasks, if only for a few months at a time, fits Keanu to a T.

The question of whether he'd ever make a career switch has caused him to ponder thusly: "What would I do if I wasn't an actor? (long pause) Uhh, 'Can I take your order please?' (long pause) I don't know what I'd do. (long pause) I would like to think I'd be some kind of (long pause) I don't know!"


Point Break , Speed , Johnny Mnemonic , A Walk in the Clouds , Chain Reaction

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