Bitesize (UK), September 1996


He did this interview the day after he flew in from Ireland in July:

CHAIN REACTION: "Yeah, I saw it this morning. It's not bad, it's good. It has content (laughs). It's a real battle between action aspects and drama. We did ok. I miss some of the humanity that we did but I guess it takes "too much time". As those go, Morgan Freeman is excellent in it. It's shot well. Everyone is great in it. It's about supression of information, government complicity, maintaining status quo, fossil fuels, even though it's killing us, but what can we do."

DEVIL'S ADVOCATE: "I act in a film called Devil's Advocate. It's directed by Taylor Hackford. It's a horror picture. A moral allegory. I play a young lawyer who, knowing that this man is a child molester, I get him free. From that moment on, how my life becomes more and more morally corrupt, until, finally, I meet 'the devil' and he wants me to let it all go."

DOGSTAR: "Yeah, I just came from Europe, actually. I flew in last night. I go to Japan. We're doing a five week tour. We "did" Europe, went through Europe, we "did Europe"! heehee. Did 10 shows in 13 days. Going to Japan and Taipei. Don't know what's going to happen. We need to write songs. Our Little Visionary comes out in September. By Ed Stasium By Zoo records and BMG. It's pop/rock. We have our own sound. Melody based. The singer, Bret Domrose, writes about his own internal, emotional state."

ATTRACTION TO FEELING MINNESOTA: "I really enjoyed the writing and I liked the situation of the characters.. I liked Jjaks. I really feel it's about people being trapped, wanting love and different incarnations of that. I liked the violence, liked the kind of confusion in everybody, dealing with their past and dealing with their yearning in the present. I liked the comedy. I liked the wordplay. 'I have to do, something, right? Jesus, save my life!' stuff like that.

MOTIVATION OF HIS "FEELING MINNESOTA": "He loved his mother and she sent him away. I guess he's just someone with a huge hurt and abandonment (someone we know?) and yet he's someone who has become conscious of that somehow and trying to fight his own nature. He says 'It'll just turn to shit' and 'it feels too good'. And yet, he meets this woman who rocks his world and he say to her 'I got a car, I got a car waiting outside' and he goes for it. He's a good hearted man who has a couple of wounds.'

LOOKING BACK ON DOING HAMLET: "I wish we'd had longer to rehearse. I really felt we were cheated, I was cheated, with rehearsal time, it was ridiculous. But that's the nature of the beast. I thought we did a solid, basic interpretation of the play. It was a good introduction. It was like the ultimate high school play. No, I mean, it was really, I mean, you could hear the play. I thought that Claudia, I thought that everyone was great in parts. We squeezed the most out of it that we could in a sense. You knew what everyone was doing. It lost a little of the tragedy. By the cuts that were done in the 5th act, we lost a lot of the darker side, the princely side, of Hamlet, his egoism."

WORKING WITH BERTOLUCCI: "One of the best experiences of my life. He just a gentleman, but such a creative man. Love cinema. Is emotional, is intellectual, is sensitive, and crazy and unique and collaborative and loves it. Loves making films, actors, was passionate about the film. It was an honor to walk on the set everyday with he and Vittorio Starraro. It was everyday, walking on the set, like it was something important you were doing. You feel like you're making a true work of art in the sense that you're expressing and taking in and giving out and revealing and sharing something about life, something that's worthwhile. When you get that, it's just the best!!"

TOXICITY OF FAME: "The loss of privacy is never easy. Sometimes the expectaton from you is a little too much. In private, you'll be in a conversation or in a moment and sometimes people can be insensitive to that. "Hey, there's the Speed guy"."

THE LAST TIME I COMMITTED SUICIDE: "You know, I worked in a film called The Last Time I Committed Suicide, just after I did Chain Reaction, actually. (laughs) Four days after that grueling film I got to do this other part. It is about a young Neal Cassidy. Directed by Stephen Kay. Neal Cassidy is played by Thomas Jane. About a young man who is torn between the wife and the picket fence and about wandering and freedom, I guess. I play his barfly buddy, 'the seducer'."

VALUE OF ESCAPISM: "Entertainment, to go out, to just have a good time and not go "Oh my god, you're right I've got to rethink and who are you, and who am I and oh, yeah, and what about the earth". Sometimes it's nice to just go and laugh and see some ...obviously with drama itself, you need to have conflict and catharthis and resolution and all that, but you can do it in different ways."

WHY NOT DO SPEED II: "I really was just... we had made the first one. I'm a little ambivalent about sequels. I just wanted to see what would happen. I was looking for something else as an actor and luckily I found it in a film called Devil's Advocate to be directed by Taylor Hackford. I was just searching and luckily, because of the success of Speed and working as an actor, I could afford to say NO, ya know? If I was broke and had to take care of rent and other responsibilities that I have, I wouldn't have said NO. I would have taken care of business. Luckily, at this time, I could afford to say NO."

HAS NOTHING AGAINST HOLLYWOOD FILMS: "But, not only that, I want to act in popular films and I really enjoy Hollywood films. It's a scope you don't get anywhere else on earth. It's a great fun. It's about fantasy and I think it's necessary. Sometimes I get depressed cuz it's so crass in the representation of human relationships, but sometimes, it's, ya know, 'just go to the movies.'"


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