Mr. Showbiz (US), November 8, 1996

Keanu's Film Troubles

Although it boasts Keanu Reeves and Uma Thurman in starring roles, Object of My Affection has been dropped by Paramount Pictures. The romantic comedy attracted considerable publicity last month when Reeves signed on to play a gay man who has an affair with his roommate, a straight woman played by Thurman. Paramount had no comment about why it no longer wants the movie, although some speculate the studio passed because it is developing the similarly themed In and Out, in which Kevin Kline plays a gay teacher. Laurence Mark Productions, which is producing Object of My Affection, is reportedly in talks with two other studios which have expressed interest in distributing the $25-million project. Nicholas Hytner (The Madness of King George) will direct. And speaking of Keanu Reeves, the New York Post reports the actor recently took a break from filming Devil's Advocate in Gotham to reprimand a particularly irksome freelance photographer who'd been "dogging him." Reeves, who portrays a lawyer working at a firm headed by a devilish Al Pacino, stepped out of his trailer with one hand raised. The ubiquitous paparazzi watched in wonder while Reeves started scuffling with Lawrence Schwartzwald--who, incidentally, often shoots for the Post. Peace-seeking Charlize Theron, who co-stars in Devil's Advocate, reportedly told Reeves she prefers him as a lover, not a fighter. From what we hear, the entire production could use some of Theron's good vibes. Variety reports that cast and crew are having a devil of a time putting script to film, and on-set tempers are rising as a result. Even though filming began just a week ago, production is already behind schedule.

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Devil's Advocate, The


Devil's Advocate, The

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