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Keanu's Motorcycle Mishaps

Keanu Reeves' motorcycle accident last May made the national news, but it wasn't the Chain Reaction star's first speeding-bike-encounters-car experience

Keanu Reeves is no stranger to danger. Growing up in Canada, Keanu became a fan of the intense and often violent sport of hockey. "Its a thrilling game," he has said. "Lots of drama, lots of physical contact." And the 31-year-old actor has also shown a certain amount of fearlessness throughout his film career - he learned to surf and sky-dive for the 1991 movie Point Break and many stunts in Speed were actually done by him.

But it's been Keanu's motorcycles that have truly brought out the daredevil in his personality.

Keanu has recalled that years ago he would often drive through the woods in the middle of the night "with the lights off, with maybe two other people on the back, and we'd tell each other what we saw. It was very cool." But at least while motoring through the woods in the dark Keanu wasn't likely to crash into any other cars.

Unfortunately, that's what happened nine years when Keanu was zooming along on his motorcycle and got clobbered by a car (for the first time). As Keanu recalls, the man who drove him to the hospital at the time marveled to him: "I'm coming out of the liquor store, my friend, and you are in the air! And I think to myself, 'That boy, he is dead.' And then you jumped up! I could not believe it."

Even more unbelievably, Keanu has said he found the entire event somewhat humorous, despite the fact that it gave him quite a deep scar across his stomach.

"That was fun," he later said of the wreck. "I remember thinking, 'I could have landed on my feet!''

Until recently, Keanu's managed to avoid any major motorcycle mishaps. But last May, Keanu was riding on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood when a car pulled out in front of him, resulting in another accident and, this time, a broken ankle which kept him hospital-bound for several days.

Will this latest injury cause Keanu to swear off motorcycles for good? Not likely. When the ambulance arrived on the scene of his most recent accident, Keanu refused to leave until a friend came and took care of his bike.


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