Canoe (Ca), December 9, 1996

Keanu Reeves to wed?

HOLLYWOOD -- Keanu Reeves is caught in the wedding bell rumor mill again.

The New York Daily News reports that the Canadian star is engaged to actress/party girl Amanda de Cadenet.

"For those who are not familiar with de Cadenet, let us jog your memories," writes the respected Internet's Mr. Showbiz. "She was the one who attended the 1995 Academy Awards with Courtney Love (they wore the same dress): she's currently divorcing Duran Duran's John Taylor; and she's attempting to start her much-hyped but as-yet-nonexistent film career with the upcoming release Fall."

This is the second time Reeves has been the subject of marriage gossip. Previously, it was wrongly reported that the star of Speed had married David Geffen. The two had never met but Geffen did have a personal assistant that looked similar to Reeves.

Reeves' camp would not comment. He is filming Devil's Advocate with Al Pacino.


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