Cybersleaze (US), December 18, 1996

Film hunk KEANU REEVES reportedly enjoyed a lively three-way romp in his trailer while the crew on the set of his latest movie waited for an hour to start shooting. The SPEED star vanished inside his private caravan with two blonde beauties, and then hung a Do Not Disturb sign on the door. A source on the set of DEVIL'S ADVOCATE tells France's CINE REVUE magazine, "At first we thought he was either sleeping or meditating. Then he emerged with these two girls and all became clear." Reeves' co-star AL PACINO, with whom he already has a considerable amount of "creative differences," said he was "not impressed" at being kept waiting. No word yet on whether the two lovelies were "impressed" with the - uhh - size of Reeves' - umm - talent, but we are dispatching correspondents to do some research right away...


Speed , Devil's Advocate, The

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