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Keanu - Reluctant Sex-Symbol?

With his charismatic charm and good looks, Keanu Reeves can't help but attract attention. The question is, does he want it?

When a TV reporter recently asked Keanu how he felt about the fact that members of the female population are drawn to his movies (including his most recent, Feeling Minnesota) like flies to honey, he didn't know how to reply. So, for several seconds, he sat there rather stumped before stammering out this response: "That question's just so ... over the top."

The truth is Keanu might be experiencing delight, dread, surprise, embarrassment or any number of feelings about his popularity with the opposite sex. But one thing's clear - he's not comfortable talking about it to the press.

Perhaps this is because he'd rather have people focus on his acting prowess than on his bod, or maybe he's just self-conscious about all that sex symbol stuff. Whatever the case, Keanu's simply not a look-at-me-aren't-I-a-babe kind of guy.

This applies to the musical side of his career, too. Even before his band, Dogstar, released their debut EP, Quattro Formaggi, and CD, Our Little Visionary, last month, they received a lot of media attention - which was no doubt boosted by the presence of their famous bassist. Still, Keanu, 32, has never seemed interested in stealing the spotlight away from drummer Rob Mailhouse and lead singer and guitarist Bret Domrose. "[Keanu] is just our bass player," Rob said in an interview with Billboard magazine. "He's not our singer, he's just... back there, playing bass."

And Keanu likes being "back there," just one of three equals. But apparently, when the guys were shopping around their demo disc trying to get a record deal, that's not what some record company executives had in mind. Instead, they envisioned something more along the lines of the Keanu Reeves Band. Not surprisingly, the trio, sensing these execs' inappropriate intentions, said thanks but no thanks.

"No one really came out and said [they wanted to do] that, but we kind of got that vibe," Keanu's said. "Then Zoo [Entertainment] came up and was like, 'We really like your music. Do what you want to do.' They gave us complete creative control."

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