Unknown Source (US), 1996

Chain Reaction

I guess it was finally love at first sight for Keanu. He took one look at the bike he was to use in Chain Reaction and had to have it. It will soon join his collection of Nortons, back in LA. Of course, it helped that he was the one who set the specifications for the bike in the first place!

This new bike is a 1975 KZ1000 Kawasaki. The bike used in the film was painted dull black virtually all over, but Keanu will have a new bike built with some modifications, including a gloss black finish. His bike has 82hp rear wheel drive, 4 into 1 header, single front disk and rear drum brakes. It also features 31mm Keihin carbs, Dyna S ignition and coils, and Taylor wires.

There was also a duplicate stunt bike used in the picture, although it was a 1976 model and was custom rigged for crashing and had better brakes (hey! Keanu should have bought that one!).

A third bike was used for special shots of Keanu driving around. Reportedly, he hated the fact that he had to be towed behind the camera car instead of getting to really drive it! There were two other bikes used as well, for a total of 5 bikes representing the one that Keanu rides.


Chain Reaction

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