Canis Major (US), Spring 1996

Top Ten Memories From Australia

10) The Hotel du Vin in New Zealand, where we played tennis, shot skeet, and golfed amongst the rolling hills and beautiful countryside.

9) Rob's best memory is beating Keanu in Tennis*. Keanu's best memory is beating Rob in tennis.

8) The 1st show in Melbourne where everything that could possible* go wrong, did* and surviving it.

7) Playing the Mt. Smart Supertop, a giant circus tent in Aukland New Zealand.

6) The show at Gobbles in Perth, Australia. The scheduled concert was canceled due to an injury in* Bon Jovi. We found out upon arrival in Perth, and decided to put on our own show.

5) Swimming and surfing in the Indian Ocean.

4) Kean in a wet suit walking on the coral reef while surfing in Perth, Australia. Ouch, ouch, ow, ouch, ow, ouch, ow, ouch!

3) Bret and Rob wrestling Jon Bon Jovi in the hotel lobby in Sydney.

2) The Iguana Cafe in Sydney for the open bar tab.

1) The monsoon in Sydney that washed the equipment off stage.

(* all typos and inventive use/none-use of punctuation are courtesy of the author. - inkhuldra)

(photo: black and white pic of a grinning Keanu on the beach, carrying a surfboard and wearing sunglasses and a towel {yes, a towel, Hitchhiker style!} over his head.)

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